I had been divorced, retrenched and I was angry with the world.  I had suffered from anxiety and depression.   Through all my challenges in life, I had to find peace somewhere and heard that meditation was the answer.  It was said that you could heal fears, anger, depression and anxiety and much more.  I had nothing to lose by meditating except 10 minutes a day which I could afford to lose for my own sanity.

Life didn’t feel fair.  I was desperately seeking some sort of freedom and peace within.  No one seemed to understand what I was experiencing.  It was as if I was a loose cannon with bullets going off everywhere in every direction, because of my anger and anxiety.

I started my journey of meditation around 2010.  I found it difficult to quiet my mind.  People told me to get out of my head, with no explanation of what that actually meant.  To provide some clarity, it means stop overthinking in order to allow the head and the heart to work together for you.

Meditating brought me some peace but as soon as I finished meditating, that was the end of the feeling and the experience.  It didn’t last the whole day and was difficult to carry it through for the day.  It still felt right for me so I continued.  I could never find the answers as to “what are you supposed to do when meditating?”  At first, I thought it was just a way to relax.  At another point, I thought it was methods to say feel-good mantras.

There was a time when I would listen to guided meditations.  Through all my years of meditating, my mind continued drifting to thoughts and found it difficult to stay focused.

Mindfulness Meditation

It was only years later I discovered on my own that mindfulness meditation is to quieten the mind.  As I progressed on my journey through coaching and doing the same techniques I use on clients today, I discovered that the more I quietened my mind the better I felt during each meditation.

This is when guided meditations eventually became too distracting.  They are good to practice to quiet the mind but you eventually want to move away from them to something less distracting such as music meditations.  I found them more peaceful in this next stage.

How to quiet the mind

As time passed I discovered the more I quietened my mind, the more peaceful I felt.  It wasn’t always easy as thoughts would just jump in unexpectedly and I would focus on them.  It was in a meditation that I realised I had to tell the voice to ssshhhhhh!! And instruct it to go to sleep.  I visualise it as a comical dog that won’t stop barking.  I found the more I shooshed it and told it to go to sleep the quieter the ‘barking dog’ became.  It was, and is blissful to quiet the mind.

This is when things started to happen in my meditation. I have had experiences of:

  • healing pain in my calves
  • being advised what to eat, that would help my stomach as I suffered from leaky gut
  • believing in myself again
  • my business improving
  • my relationship with my husband improving as I automatically let go of emotions
  • having peace in my life
  • carrying the feeling through for the entire day
  • answers you search for, come to you before you can even complete the question
  • feeling aligned and connected
  • feeling peaceful and free within

There are certain things I cannot always heal, and I believe this is because it’s a journey I must experience on my own.  If we got the answers to everything, there would be no challenge and no journey for us to evolve.

Experience has brought me to a point where I am connected and amazing energy fills me when I meditate.  Your life evolves for the better, you feel more peaceful, calm and happier within.  You have energy.  Lifelong questions are finally answered from within and you no longer have to search for answers from others. Everything in your life improves when you reach a certain state of meditation.  You only have to look at the bullet points above to see what is achievable.

Through the coaching program, I can teach you how to meditate to reach this state where you can also let go of fears, doubts, anger, hurt, depression, anxiety and much more.  All you have to do is contact me now to make a booking in order to unlock your true potential.