In my own experience as a Life Coach in Johannesburg and who once suffered from anxiety and depression, have since realized that part of it, was due to my resistance to the flow of life.

Wanting things my way rather than allowing it to be the way it is, limits you.  It can also be exhausting for you to continue through life in a state of resistance. You never truly live or experience life the way it was meant for you.  Nor does it allow you to receive what you are truly deserving of. And, instead, you create more negative emotions, limiting belief systems, as well as more bad habits and strategies that create a life of misery and suffering.   You get in your own way and block the flows and opportunities available to you.

The need to control various situations and even people becomes a part of you and your life, not even realising how often you do it.  Why not take a step back from your day-to-day activities, people, and your life, to observe where you are at.

Constantly thinking about the future or the past prevents you from enjoying and living in the here and now.  If you allow yourself now to be present, you will realise that right here and now, you are okay. Being in the total presence of now, you can stop worrying about the future and the past.  Instead you then are more present in every moment and living it with all your heart.

Resisting to trust the process of life led me to anxiety.  Denying my feelings also led me to see my truth and see a way out of a really bad situation.  So Instead, I slipped into depression.  It often felt that there is no way out, which is only a mindset, because it wasn’t impossible for me to discover a way out.  It was only my own resistance holding me back.  I have since found that, by loving yourself, and being kind to yourself, you can and willl find your way out.

By accepting the flow of life and dealing with my emotions at the time, could have saved me a lot of years of suppressed emotions.  At some point in time you will eventually have to deal with them, in order to move on. .As a Life Coach (in Johannesburg) I have worked through my own resistances, life flows now for me.  It can be the same for you too if you only allow it the opportunity.

While emotions can be difficult to deal with, it is best to accept that the sooner you deal with it, the better.  Life does go on and life does get better as long you truly let go of the emotions and move on with your life.  By letting go of anxiety, you find yourself again and inner freedom is once again a part of your life.  Get professional help when you go through something traumatic, you don’t have to deal with it alone.

As I have experienced much resistance against life and experienced anxiety and depression, and now as a Life Coach in Johannesburg, I can help you too.  This way you can experience life, enjoy your life, live a fulfilled and peaceful life.  Be more present and understand who you are and what you are so capable of.  Acceptance is key to living in the flow of life.