Everything happens at the right time, which is when you are ready.  Your purpose right now is to be at this point asking “what is my purpose”.  It is through this process that you will find how to find your purpose in life.

We all knew our purpose at a point in time.  However, for various reasons you talked yourself out of following your inner purpose.  By doing this, you suppressed what you once knew.

You did this possibly because you believed you were not smart enough, not good enough or, didn’t deserve to do what you love to do.  Perhaps you wondered ‘what if I fail’ and ‘what will people say and how will I explain it to them’.  Over and above this, there is even the possibility you feared success because you felt you didn’t deserve success.

Taking the easy way out

Life is full of challenges and you look for the easy path, the easy way out.  However, not realising that the easy path is your true inner purpose. The path of least resistance is the path you are passionate about.  Following your true inner purpose uses the least amount of your energy. Whereas, living in denial uses much more of your energy causing stress and anxiety.

While some people know their purpose and follow it, not everyone will do the same due to the reasons provided in the paragraphs above.  Therefore on your journey of life, you must start with the first step toward your purpose.  Starting with that one step will lead you towards something bigger and better.

For many years I could not find my purpose.  Even though I knew for a long time that my purpose was to move in the direction of body, mind and soul.  I still never followed that path because of my own fears and limiting beliefs.  As a result of this, I job hopped every two years knowing there was more to my career than what I was doing.

Then, about eight years ago I experienced a desperate need to find my purpose and set out to do that.    As a Life Coach now, I have researched ways to help people find their true inner purpose and I also cover other areas to improve emotional intelligence.  Therefore, in following my purpose now I cover the mind and soul but am still working towards goals where I will include exercises for the body.

How to find your purpose in life

If you are at a crossroads in your life and would desperately like to know how to find your purpose in life, the ‘Unique Purpose Finder™’ can set you in the right direction. As soon as you rise above your fears, doubts and limiting beliefs you can follow your purpose.  It’s about taking that leap of faith.

The ‘Unique Purpose Finder™’ is a compass to your true inner purpose guiding you on how to find your purpose in life.  Once you know your purpose you will discover what obstacles are in your way.  Then through Transformation Coaching, I can help you let go of all which holds you back from taking that important first step in the direction of your true inner purpose. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, you deserve to follow your true inner purpose.