Numerous people perceive that the world is in crisis and are falling into traps of self-pity, depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress.  You may be feeling hopeless with no idea how to get through this.

The more you listen and buy into the news, or even participate in the negative social interactions with others, you add more drama for your ego-mind to thrive on this drama.  By doing this it creates further stories that cause doubts, fears, sadness, worry, stress, and many other emotions.  The ego-mind will repeat the stories to you of the worst possible outcome with added drama.  This is what brings you into a downward spiral of negativity.

Your own negative self-talk can be ‘crippling’ for you.  It is therefore in your best interest to keep yourself in a good state of mind.  Emotions that are suppressed and not dealt with will remain suppressed in the subconscious mind.  By not dealing with the emotions, they continue to build up only becoming worse over time. But with one decision you can change that story.

 Acknowledge the worst outcome and know that, in one way or another you will be okay.  There is always someone who will support you, but it is up to you to receive help when it comes your way.  My husband and I reviewed the worst-case scenarios at the beginning of lockdown, and it’s because of the acceptance and acknowledgment, that we have come through this in the most respectable manner for each other, thus far.

I have been through several crises before and so have you.  You and I have both made it through a crisis before.  Look at where you have come through a catastrophe and see how it built you up as a person to make you stronger.  Continue to build up this strength as you are your first priority. Then ask ‘how can I help others?’.

Your responsibility is to hold a vision that you and your country will come out better and stronger for it.

Choose today to:

  • Be a better person
  • Make it your priority every day to do your best and live your best life
  • Start being grateful for everything. We expect others to say thank you to us.  However, we are not always grateful for what we have in all areas of our lives
  • Show kindness to others
  • Stay true to yourself as your purpose is to move closer to being the most authentic you
  • Do that raises your energy and distance yourself from that which drains your energy
  • Meditate every day. The purpose of meditation is to learn to quiet the mind for as long as possible – this is having control of your own mind.  And the other purpose is to bring yourself into the present moment
  • Create a new story for yourself – see an example below (be sure not to include negative words)

Here is a short example of a story you can write for yourself, to change the story of your life:

I live in a beautiful world, a country that’s economy is thriving.  Every day I am aware of the story the ego-mind is telling me.  I am a better person every day and I am kind to myself first because I must function at my best before everything around me can function at its best, especially those around me.  Every crisis and everything I find challenging will bring out the greatest in me.  I find a new way to live.  Continue with the new ways you choose to live.

Start now to write your new story about you and your life, create the best life for you and then believe it with all your heart.  If you still have doubts and fears, work on them while in deep meditation.

However, if you are not able to deal with the anxiety, depression, other emotions and negative beliefs on your own, book one free session with me today to discuss what you are experiencing.  Once you sign up for coaching we can start working on your beliefs and emotions in order to align them with your new story.  This will bring you peace and happiness and a stronger resilience towards what is happening all around you.  During lockdown, I am offering a 25% discount to all those who sign-up for a transformation coaching package.

Someone Once Said…Never let a crisis go to waste

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