As a Life Coach (in Johannesburg) I have experienced too, a lack of peace of mind which originated from stress, depression, anxiety, overthinking and trauma.  I have since found a formulae that allows me to delve deep within to help me daily and I am sharing this with you here:

  1. Relax your body from top to bottom – this gets you out of your head

    1. While you are in your ‘head’ (overthinking) you are associated with body, mind, and identity
    2. Identity with this (above in point 1) and all that makes you, who you are.  The more you associate yourself with an identity, the more the ego/imposter syndrome strengthens
    3. Going into a space of nothingness and convincing yourself to go there is what your intention needs to be
    4. As you relax, you already start to let go of stress in the body, anxiety and depression.  Overthinking already slows down
  2. Once you are ready, you can take yourself into a deeper space by imagining yourself in nature

    1. Why nature? By using grounding meditations, you are able to root yourself with earth.  By feeling your connection with the ground and feeling the support and stability the earth gives to you
    2. By being in nature you can slow down your heart rate, reduce levels of stress hormones, and help your brain to slow down.  By slowing down you gain more awareness and clarity, supporting mindfulness
    3. Various guided meditations can be found using apps, or YouTube or buy downloads, for example: on Dr Joe Dispenza’s website
  3. If your mind is drifting during meditation, you can do one of the following to bring yourself back to where you left off in meditation:
    1. Convince yourself to return back to where you left off – this does happen so don’t be hard on yourself
    2. Say an affirmation and repeat it until the voice stops.  Such as I am peace or, I am love or, I am joy and so on
    3. Become the observer of the voice rather than engage in a discussion with it. Be the observer behind the voice
    4. Convince yourself to be present – you can do this in meditation and you will feel the difference when you become fully present
  4. Then allow your mind to be creative and take yourself into nature. If you drift back into thought, go back to where you left off or do one of the above from point 3.

Besides the Life Coaching (in Johannesburg) I also offer Meditation classes and many with anxiety and depression, stress or trauma, have benefited.  These classes are held every alternative Thursday at 7pm. To find out more, contact me at