Until you do the various exercises with me as a Transformation Life Coach in Johannesburg, you won’t know just how much you resist in your life.  Resistance takes up a great deal of energy within you.  This negative energy manifests in your mind and body making your life hard thus creating copious amounts of suffering in your life.

I saw resistance in myself just recently, I was resisting something that was actually so important to me.  All due to being afraid to lose what I knew, but causing much illness in my life.  Thinking about it logically doesn’t make any sense.  Yet we do it subconsciously.

If you are on a path of least resistance, I commend you and I’m sure your life runs very smoothly.  However, if you are on a path of resistance and feeling pain in your body, heartache, despair, and suffering, it is time to review your inner world towards all that you resist.

 You are on a specific path in this life.  By resisting this path for whatever reason it may be, will show up in your body as an illness in one way or another.  Your body gives you signs to show you, that there is something you are not dealing with internally.

Resistance shows itself in different ways making it difficult sometimes to realise it’s the existence within you. We tend to project our resistance onto others and then blame those close to us.  You then become the victim of circumstance.  It is everyone else’s fault except your own.  This is however where you are wrong.   Projection of your own fears, doubts, hurt, distrust and much more, is so damaging it harms the relationships with those close to us.

Excuses, rationalisation, fears, laziness, depression, anxiety, procrastination, and self-medication are all signs of resistance.

How to overcome resistance in order to move forward

  1. Recognise the signs in your body;
  2. Stop pretending it doesn’t exist;
  3. Review what happened prior to them coming up. Stop pushing your feelings back down and suppressing them;
  4. Review your belief systems to see what is the cause, of your suffering;
  5. Are your excuses or obstacles that are in your way, limiting you? If so, let them go;
  6. Feeling overwhelmed or anxious is a sign that you are resisting something that you fear. Review it and check if you can easily let it go – it is always your choice and not someone else’s choice;
  7. To move forward in life, you must let go of resistance;
  8. Notice the resistance within every day. With this awareness you can choose to use it for good or let go of it where it is not good for you;

The more you resist the more it persists.  As a Transformation Life Coach in Johannesburg, I can help you and teach you to let go of all that you resist, so that you can move forward.  No more excuses, no more obstacles in your way.  Only a clear path of direction and purpose.  This is when you become happier, more peaceful and the energies shift for you to move forward.

We fear our highest possibilities… We are generally afraid to become that which we glimpse in our most perfect moments, under the most perfect conditions, under the conditions of greatest courage…..By Abraham Maslow

Images By:  Fotolia