Just over one month has passed and I have to wonder how many people are feeling anxious as procrastination looms over their new year’s resolutions. Emotions and motivation run high in the New Year as people dream big about their goals and plans to achieve and do better.

Statistics show that within two weeks of New Year, many people have already forgotten what their new year’s resolutions were. I hear the main excuse every day from clients, that I am too busy. However, you will never be too busy for what is truly important to you. Nor will you be too busy when you let go of your fears.

Every excuse, reason, stumbling block is due to an underlying fear. Fears arise from the ego-mind which is the self-talk in your head. The more you entertain your ego-mind, the more you will create fears, doubts, and other associated emotions.  Habits, strategies, and beliefs also support self-talk. Through this, you are distracted from following your goals and your new year’s resolutions.

The ego-mind will tell you all kinds of stories to deter you from your goals such as, you:
• not smart enough
• not pretty enough
•  not thin enough
• too old or too young
• don’t have time
• can’t do this on your own
• have no experience
• will waste money
• will never succeed
• afraid to fail (and what will people say if you do fail?)

Understandably it can be overwhelming when you can see the end goal, yet it feels unreachable. Negative self-talk from the ego-mind will hamper you. Self-talk can also prevent you from living your best life.  Including that which prevents you from doing what you love from day-to-day.

Here are 7 easy steps to get you back on track with your new year’s resolutions:

  1. Stop listening to your self-talk. You can do this through meditation. Be the observer of your thoughts rather than the entertainer of them;
  2. Write your goals down;
  3. Put plans in place to take small steps to get you there;
  4. Let go of any beliefs, emotions, habits preventing you from taking the action steps;
  5. Grow and evolve by stepping out of your comfort zone;
  6. Take action every day towards the steps to make your dreams come true;
  7. Create a new story of your life aligned with your goals.  Then with every negative thought that enters your head, change it to a positive reinforcing thought;

Be aware that stress, procrastination, boredom, fears, self-doubt, are negative indicators that you are not following your true inner purpose. When you follow your true inner purpose, you will not give up no matter what challenges you are faced with.

Stop running on the hamster wheel.  Get off just for a little while and reassess what is really important to you, so you can follow your dreams.  Stop the anxiety that comes with goals. Through the Transformation Coaching program, I can teach you how to let go of negative feelings towards your goals.  Guide you to plan for your goals and take actionable steps to get you where you want to be.  Thus providing you with clear goals and direction towards them.

By doing this you will be energised and positive towards your goals so you may achieve your dreams.  Take action now to book a free session with me to find out how Transformation Coaching can change your life and work in your favor.  Don’t let another year go by that is wasted.