As a professional Transformational Life Coach in Johannesburg, when asking my clients suffering from depression and anxiety, what is limiting them, the answer is always themselves and their mind that keeps them overthinking, living in fear and doubt.

You do your best to control it, but the more you try and control it, the more you realise you are losing control as the thoughts never seem to end.  You can’t sleep at night because the thoughts consume you.  It can feel like you are in a bad storm and drowning in depression.  The storm seems to follow you wherever you go, and you can’t get yourself out of it.

The overthinking makes your head feel cluttered.  You experience brain fog, and you battle to concentrate.  This is when your self-esteem starts to deteriorate, only making depression and anxiety worse for you.

The good news is that, once you understand how your subconscious part of the brain functions, you will understand how fears, doubts, other emotions, and limiting beliefs have become your reality.  These limiting beliefs were pushed onto you by parents (whether intentionally or unintentionally), friends, teachers, Television, and much more and have now become your truth.

Situations such as these are what influence you and creates limiting beliefs:

  • Your parents are tough on you, and therefore feel you must get everything right. You cannot make a mistake and so you overthink all you do.  However, this is exhausting for you as well as limiting;
  • You worry about being rejected or abandoned. This has been caused by, your father leaving you at a young age. Or you were left to live with your grandparents and you feel you were abandoned.  There are obviously other contributing factors that could cause this and can’t list them all.  In these instances though, both make you feel insecure;
  • You were bullied in school and have developed an inferiority complex;
  • Your mentality of lack makes you feel that you don’t deserve anything because you were raised in a poor home;
  • In school you were told by someone, that you are worthless or useless and now reinforce this to yourself almost daily;

I was told that I will have to take anti-depressants and anxiety tablets for the rest of my life.  However, I have been off them for the last 11-12 years and coping extremely well.  I want this for you too.  I know that you can also live a better life as I am.  You can stop overthinking and live more peacefully.

How you can start eliminating Overthinking and Overanalysing:

  • Spend 5 minutes a day total in total silence;
  • Meditate using guided meditation or meditation music;
  • Do art or coloring-in daily – this keeps you focussed on what you are doing and you stop the thinking
  • Exercise daily – this keeps your focus on your body rather than your thinking
  • Take notice of nature daily and walk out in nature taking particular attention to what you see. Only allow your thoughts to be on nature for the time you are outdoors;

By attempting the above exercises you can slow down the self-talk.  However, if you continue overthinking and overanalysing everything, which is causing further depression and anxiety, book an appointment with me now.  I have five years’ experience as a Transformational Life Coach in Johannesburg to help you on your journey to a more rewarding, peaceful, and happier life.

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