Over time you may feel that your self-love has diminished or you may even feel that self-love has possibly never existed.

This happens as you continuously beat yourself up for what you perceived you have done wrong or badly.  Those who have experienced physical or verbal abuse will understandably question their worth however; this is not a healthy way to deal with the feelings and thoughts you experience.

Without knowing or realising it, diminishing self-love will stop living according to your personal values and live according to what your partner, family or friends value.  Eventually, you will find yourself comparing you to those same people as well as your work colleagues and heroes.

You feel you are not good enough anymore and because you no longer love yourself you look outside of yourself for validation, attention, and recognition instead of within.  All of this causes you to lose your self-identity thus drifting further and further away from your own self-love.

Self-love is love, which must first come from within before finding it on the outside world.  Here are 18 steps to follow that will help you love yourself again.

18 Steps you can take towards self-love

  1. Love your body, love everything about you including your mistakes, regrets etc. Love is the most basic fundamental of all human beings
  2. See true beauty in the mirror with kindness, compassion, and love
  3. Start working on self-discovery exercises which can be found through my coaching processes
  4. Make yourself a priority without being selfish or using people to your advantage. Maintain a balanced perspective and stay humble
  5. Be the person you want to be rather than the person anyone else thinks you should be
  6. Surround yourself with people who love you and add value to you
  7. Live the best version of yourself by always being true to yourself
  8. Push through the negative self-talk
  9. The relationship you have with yourself is the most important
  10. Let go of the beliefs that you are not good enough
  11. Low self-worth can lead people to anxiety and depression
  12. Base your worth on the fact that you are human
  13. Acceptance of who and what you are right now
  14. Everyone has their place in the world, and we should not label or judge but rather accept people for who they are and by doing this, we stop judging ourselves
  15. Cultivate a worth that is persistent even when life doesn’t go as we hoped
  16. We want to be in our heart space feeling love but instead, we are in our heads feelings, shame, regret and telling ourselves how bad or horrible you are – stop that. Get out of your head and stop listening to the story that you keep telling yourself
  17. Unconditional self-love is the antidote to low self- worth
  18. Know what your conscious values are and ensure you live each day by your own values and not someone else’s values

If you feel overwhelmed by these steps and would like me as a qualified Transformational Life Coach to transform your self-love to a positive one which will ultimately lift your confidence and self-esteem, call or e-mail me now for a free session to discuss how I can boost your self-love for a better life for yourself.

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