Often heard lately, are the news stories of yet another company making losses and having to close doors, while people have feared to lose their jobs, creating uncontrollable anxiety.  It is very unfortunate and being retrenched can affect your confidence and self-esteem that may already be affected by other factors.

The word is that the economy is not great and jobs are hard to find this reality will keep appearing while you continue to believe it.  Thus continue making yourself a victim of circumstance.

Jobs will be hard to find if you hold beliefs such as, or similar to:

  • I hate working with people
  • My job makes me sick
  • I hate/d my job
  • I hate Mondays and love Fridays
  • My boss is horrible and I hate going to work
  • Work shouldn’t be enjoyed, it should be hard
  • Work is a prison
  • Every day, I feel stuck in this awful job
  • I am too old to get a job
  • Others are: I am not smart enough, thin enough, pretty/handsome enough, not qualified enough or experienced enough

Feeling Stuck

The above are just a few examples of what I have picked up working with clients who felt stuck.  They felt they could not move forward in their career.  I was once in the same position too.  Finding a job would never happen as long as I felt that I was unsure about going back to the corporate world.  Being an Entrepreneur was my dream and admitting this would’ve got me on the right track a lot sooner.

Change Your Perception

There is a part of these clients that, hate their job or something about their job.  Yet the other part fears to lose their job.  It’s a double negative which doesn’t work.  Everything must be in balance.  It is not what happened to you, it’s about your perception of the circumstance.

Therefore, to change your mindset you must change your perception.  You must see both good and bad in everything to find balance.  Once you have a balanced perception, only then will things happen for you.

People Who Have Been In Jail And Still Find Jobs

I know of two people who have been in and out of jobs like a ping pong ball going back and forth. I can’t even imagine what their CV’s looks like; they must be as long as the Vaal River.  As an outsider looking in, I believe with all my heart, your mindset must change.  They have been caught for theft at work and for this been in and out of jail even.  Yet they still get a job in this economy.  So honestly, it’s time to let go of your belief systems, your negative attitude and whatever is limiting you.

Brilliant Program To Discover What Is Holding You Back

If you are struggling to find a job and not sure what is limiting you or holding you back, I have a brilliant 10-hour program to help you find your purpose.  In this program, we will discover your fears and doubts holding you back from doing what you would truly love to do.  While you have no idea what you would like to do as a career, you will also battle to find a job.  Hating what you are studying won’t get you good marks or get you a job either.

It will set you in the direction of your true purpose in life which is really what you deserve to be doing.  Make the change today to free yourself from Anxiety.  Start now to do what you love and love what you do, by contacting me now for a free session.