When you feel the entire world is coming down on you, you feel you have no voice, your self-esteem is low, and as a result, you feel depressed and anxious, this is when you know you need a Life Coach (in Johannesburg).  As things continue to go wrong, so the negative feelings are strengthened within you.  Life seems pointless and purposeless.  You’ve lost all meaning.  You feel you have lost your way and have no direction in life.

Talking about it doesn’t help anymore, and you are seeking solutions.  However, friends and family don’t understand as they haven’t been through it.  All you need is for someone to give you the support you need who can relate to what you are feeling, however, there is no one.  So, you lock yourself in a room to sleep it away.  You feel there is something wrong with you causing your self-esteem to deteriorate further.

I understand this and have been through it myself.  It appears that others have their ‘stuff’ together and you don’t.  Their confidence, their progress, their success, and their good life is what you see.  You think to yourself ‘I should be in the same space or even further on in life by now.’  You blame yourself for your shortfalls, and you are filled with regret and frustration.  And so your self-esteem drops some more.

You get caught up in your emotions of depression and anxiety, like a string getting caught up in a spinning fan which eventually stops the fan from turning completely.  Then the feeling of being stuck sets in.  You feel you have no purpose and think ‘what is the point of it all?’  Your self-esteem drops even further.

You allow yourself to become defined by your career, money, and family that you forget who you are.  Should one of these things be taken away from you, your self-esteem can drop dramatically.

It’s time to turn the fan off and start unwinding the string so that the fan can move again.  Getting help from professionals isn’t a sign of weakness but a sign of strength.  There are many successful people who get the help to ‘unwind the string from the fan’.

As a Life Coach in Johannesburg, I have assisted many clients with depression and anxiety by raising their self-esteem which resulted in one or more of the following: a better job, better relationships, a more fulfilling life, feeling happier, having a sense of peace, a purpose, and more importantly, belief in themselves.  You don’t have to do it alone anymore. Contact me today for a renewed and inspiring life for yourself by contacting me and clicking here.

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