As a Transformation Life Coach in Johannesburg, I always ask my clients ‘what is your vision for life?’ Most, usually struggle to answer, but they do know they want success. My next question to them is ‘What does success mean to you?’  A question they cannot answer.

What is success to you?

I never had the answer either until I was asked this at a seminar by John Kehoe.  It took time for me to contemplate it.  For John Kehoe, it was to live a fun and interesting life.  Through this, he has focused on everything that is fun and interesting which has led to his success.  For me, it is to live a fun life while uplifting myself, and in so doing, uplifting people.

My idea of success many years ago was to own my own business.  The idea of having my own business and being an Entreprenuer, meant having a shop where people could come in and buy from me. I didn’t have an idea of what I was going to sell but the idea of having a shop was everything.  This, however, was more a fantasy of a preconceived idea of what a successful business is.  I quickly got that out of my system when we owned a franchise and felt completely stuck there.  I still had someone to report into (Franchisor).  My time was not flexible and nor was it easy for me to move.  I like my freedom and I like flexibility.

This was a lesson for me and I share this lesson with you. Be sure of what success means to you and review success from different angles.  Be sure that what you desire is not a fantasy.  Review in full detail before jumping in with both feet.

Once you have contemplated and identified what success means to you, the next question is ‘why haven’t you achieved the success you desire yet?’  Through research and my experience working with clients, I’ve identified that all that holds you back are your fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs.

Here are just a few examples of fears of success and limiting beliefs that have been identified through coaching.   Check which ones you identify with:

Fear of success keeps me in my comfort zone Ο
Fear of success prevents me from losing money Ο
I will be seen as lucky rather than someone who made it and achieved my goal Ο
Fear that I won’t be in control of my life if I am successful Ο
Fear of having something good and then losing it all Ο
fear of what people will say if you succeed (over analyse your success) Ο
Fear of what people will say if you fail (talk behind your back, laugh at you and more) Ο
I am too young or I am too old to achieve success Ο
I am not intelligent enough to be successful Ο
I am a victim and it will never happen for me Ο
According to God/Universes plan, I am not meant to be successful Ο

Can you identify with any of the above, or do they spark other fears or limiting beliefs within you?  If so keep reading.

Everyone deserves success as well as happiness.  Therefore you, nor anyone else, should be held back from achieving success.  The sooner you admit to your fears of success, and even fears of failure, the sooner you can work towards your success.  No one should have to wait for success as I did.  For many years, the only thing holding me back was my own mind.

I wish to make this easier for you to achieve success

Practicing as a Transformation Life Coach in Johannesburg, I have the proven tools to help you overcome your fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs to move you into success.  With passion will come success, joy, and newfound freedom.  Call me today to book your free session and I can show you how simple it is and how quickly you can move to the next level of success.