You get lost in your day-to-day life, influenced by external factors, and lose yourself in trauma and challenges, however with a Life Coach in Johannesburg you will discover yourself again through your highest values.

Being caught up in the drudgery of life leads to unwanted behaviors, unwanted habits and belief systems that cause you to overthink and analyse in depth.

From birth, your parents raised you according to their personal values.

What you can do instead of assigning so much of your energy into unwanted behaviors, habits and belief systems, is that you can live by your highest values.  This way you use less energy, less external factors affect you.

Your values fall into all of the following categories:

  • Family
  • Career
  • Mental wellbeing
  • Financial
  • Self-love / Self-worth
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Spiritual
  • Knowledge

Your parents and/or grandparents have taught you values in each of these areas.  Being aware of them are pertinent to your growth as well as living your life.  Some you may choose:

  • Live by your values of your parents and family, or
  • Change your values, or
  • improve your values, or
  • Do quite the opposite of your values

The choice is yours, it always has been and will be. Being stuck in trauma can only complicate your life further, and this is where you will benefit from knowing your values that suit you, and are best for you.  This way you are on a healing path from trauma. Ensure your life is demonstrating your values, by knowing them, realigning with them and living by them. This way you will be most consistent, disciplined and engaged.

Take Action

The choice to improve your life is yours. By knowing, realigning, and living by your highest values, you can achieve a state of consistency, discipline, and engagement. If you’re ready to make this change, consider the benefits of working with a life coach who can support you on this journey.

The Benefits of a Life Coach

To experience fewer influences from the external world, consider the expertise of a life coach. With seven years of experience in trauma and other human behaviors, as a Life Coach in Johannesburg, I can help you discover your deeper values and align with them, creating a more peaceful, successful, and harmonious life. If you find your values aren’t working for you or you’re struggling to adjust and prioritize them, I can guide you to a more connected and fulfilling existence.

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