Since my commitment when I started the journey as Life Coach in Johannesburg, towards a self-empowering life, I can honestly say I have never looked back, and family constellations was what helped me get there. My life has changed in the way of having more peace of mind, love, freedom, purpose, and meaning.

It was scary in the beginning as I wasn’t sure who I would become.  I was afraid of becoming someone I didn’t like or want to be.  And then realised that I had nothing to lose by trying. I could stop at any time if I wanted to.  Stopping however, was not an option once I started the journey and realized how much I was enjoying it.  The changes I could see and feel were beyond what I ever expected.  It was the best decision i ever made for myself.

The technique we use is called a family constellation or expansion of family origin and the FAQ’s about it are listed below.  This technique has been one of the most powerful techniques used in my journey of self-discovery which has led me to become more of my authentic self.  And more than I thought I could be.

The experience of living in anger, blaming life, rejecting life, not being completely true to who I am, and much more, blocked the way forward for me.  The ripple effects of this behavior were not healthy for a good and fulfilled life.  This type of behavior causes people to miss out on so much in life.  Doors stay closed and opportunities are very few.  Life is a struggle and there is much suffering by living this way.  The more you are not authentic or aligned with your true self, the more you suffer, struggle and experience health issues.

Frequently Asked Questions:

FAQ 1: What is Family/Systemic Constellations? I like to think of it as ‘Mind Mapping’.  Think of this way, you may possibly live with the belief that you are ‘Not Good Enough’.  This is a path that your subconscious only knows and is programmed to take you to the ‘Not Good Enough’ island every day, without you even realising it.  Through constellations, we transform the program to knowing that you are good enough.  This allows for order, balance, and peace of mind for you.  This means you can now move forward in life without this obstacle in your way, and join those on the I am good enough island.

FAQ 2:  Are group constellations a workshop? No, it is not a workshop.  Constellations are people who come together to help you and you help them.  They serve as a representation of either those in your family, and/or the problem you are experiencing.

FAQ 3:  Why would I use this modality over any others? Clients have said that their talking therapy has been going on for many years and have not seen results as yet.  Group Constellations have proven results.  See testimonials here

FAQ 4:  How long does this last as a long-term result: Constellations reach the root cause of the problem?  It’s like ‘pulling the foundation out of the house’, which then collapses.  The root cause is dealt with.  It i? in balance and there is a deep inner acceptance which brings peace of mind.  This peace is often, a feeling beyond all expectation.

i’m not perfect by any means and nor does it mean I will ever be.  However, by being more authentic or true to myself, I am a lot closer than I ever was before.  As a Life coach in Johannesburg, I can help you to discover yourself which leads to self-empowerment. You will experience, peace of mind, more love in your life, joy, courage, balance, have purpose and meaning.

Details of next Group Constellations Get Together:
When:  Saturday the 4th of November 2023
Where:  Edenvale (Please contact Debbie for more details)
Time:  10h00 to 16h00
Lunch:  A light lunch will be served. Tea, coffee, water, snacks will be served.  Kindly let me know of any food requirements
WhatsApp Debbie on 061-563-0916 to book your spot today