“One life, live it”, is something I often see on a particular brand of 4×4. Of course, some people believe that there is more than one life (i.e. reincarnation), but how do you live it, this one we have now?

We are all living our life, of course. We get out of bed, we breathe, we eat, we go to work, interact with other people and we have hobbies. Is that what the saying means? How should we live our lives? Do we do as society says, or do we go beyond that to do what we would love to do?

What does this saying “One life, live it” mean to you?

Are we a failure if we don’t jump out of an aeroplane, or bungee jump, climb a mountain or push ourselves physically to the limit?

If you don’t enjoy your life, then can you say that you are really living it? And what can you do to fully live the one life you have?

Your career is a good place to start. Many people will spend one third or more of their waking life at their jobs, so it would seem important to live life, we should be in the right career. A career we enjoy, care about but most of all are passionate about.  A job that doesn’t feel like a job because it is something you love to do. Often we find ourselves in the wrong career and this leads to a lack of enjoyment in life and instead, we go about living a life of stress which brings on all kinds of illnesses.

The problem is that often we don’t know what we would want to be doing in our career. Our desires are often hidden deep within our subconscious. Our dreams that we had as children are long forgotten.

The answer is to, find a good life coach can help you uncover those deep desires that were either long forgotten or hidden deep within your subconscious, which is a process I follow to guide you into the right career and then help you overcome your fears  in order to realise your dreams, helping you to live your one life, now.

A good start right now is to follow this link:  www.inspirationalfutures.co.za/purpose-finder or e-mail me now at debbie@inspirationalfutures.co.za