A lot of Anger, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and suffering stems from overthinking and overanalyzing, and as a Life Coach in Johannesburg, I have seen the damage it causes.  It all contributes to turmoil at work, home, health-wise, socially, and in other areas of your life.  Your mental well-being and self-esteem are affected as negative thoughts intensify and keep you in a loop of little or no resolution.

Thoughts scramble around the mind causing confusion about what is right, wrong, good, or bad.  Even about what you want or don’t want. Along with the spiraling negative thoughts, you develop unhealthy belief systems, strategies, habits, and unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Your mind is occupied, and you are unable to focus or concentrate.  You can’t concentrate at work or read a chapter without losing the plot or what you should be obtaining from the book.  Your self-esteem takes a knock because you can’t focus properly and feel there is something wrong with you.

Sleeping becomes difficult as the thoughts race through your mind of:

  • How you could have or should have done or said things differently.
  • What does this person think of me?
  • If I had the opportunity again, I’d do or say it in a different way;
  • How can I do it better next time?. Yet the same pattern repeats resulting in you overthinking and overanalyzing scenarios;
  • You would rather not attend social events, as it feels like too much work, or you feel that there is too much pressure on you;
  • You feel you don’t receive recognition from people;

The next time you go shower, be aware of your thoughts. And even while you are driving to work, be vigilant of your thoughts to discover the intensity of these repetitive thoughts. And how negative they truly are.  You may also recognize just how entangled you become in the conversation of your thoughts.  Hopefully, this will encourage you to make changes.

The techniques I use as a Life Coach in Johannesburg, have helped me in most miraculous ways to slow down my overthinking and overanalyzing. I have let go of Anger, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and suffering. The knowledge I gained from working with people, also helped me to understand it.  Both were a game changer for me as I experience daily, a peace of mind I never could have imagined.  Or even thought I would enjoy it, as I used to think ‘how boring’.  But my life has changed by slowing down the overthinking and overanalyzing in the most positive ways, and I am happier, living more of a fulfilled life and I am steering my ship in a direction that makes me happy.

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