Overthinking and overanalysing keep the mind unnecessarily busy with negative thoughts that can lead to depression, anxiety, anger, and low self-esteem.

You can’t sleep at night as you overthink and overanalyse every situation.  You overanalyse conversations you had during the day.  Wondering if you could have done it better, what you said wrong, how you could change it if you had the opportunity to do so, what a fool you made of yourself, how badly people must think of you.  It doesn’t stop there, and you go on to beat yourself up further.  Due to this, your self-esteem takes a huge bashing from all the overthinking and overanalysing.

Anger can take its grip on you.  The result of this is to take your anger out on people you love.  Overthinking contributes to finding blame for the way you are.  Resentment and even revenge is the only way to find justice for you.  All the while, your emotions go into turmoil and emotions take over in most challenging situations.

I used to overthink and overanalyse everything at length.  My mind was busy and I lost focus, direction and clarity in my life.  Suffering with TMJ due to anxiety, was not pleasant as I had constant headaches and neck pain.  Behaviors such as beating myself up, having constant anger, and lack of control of my emotions caused me to have panic attacks.  Feeling fatigued and unable to concentrate posed a risk to my job, which made me feel stressed. Overthinking and overanalysing had become the norm for me and a major contribution to feeling overwhelmed and anxious.  There was constant chaos in my mind.  It was exhausting, to say the least, and the fatigue from these racing thoughts contributed to lowering my self-esteem.

I now have overthinking and overanalysing under control and my self-esteem and my life are all the better for it.  Living in the now has more positive outcomes and I enjoy what life has to offer.

You can start living life to the fullest once again and feel better about yourself

By following this program you can stop missing out on opportunities and see more of them.  The constant chaos in your mind becomes a habit of the past.  You then have less stress and your mind is clearer to make better decisions.  Experience all of this and more for your mental wellbeing.  Feel like a new, happier, peaceful, confident person when you follow the Transformation programs available.  They are designed specifically to raise your self-esteem, reduce anger, reduce overthinking and overanalysing, depression and anxiety.

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