Someone once said, “I didn’t come this far, to only get this far….” This is something to consider when following your purpose of life.  Everything you have done in your career and in your life will not go to waste.  It will serve you in one way or another when following your purpose.

It is a reality that some may lose everything. Also, some have to take steps backward to advance.  The sooner you accept this reality then the sooner you can get on with your life by preparing now.  Grab this opportunity now with both hands and make the change now.   Your life is more important than material items.  You have a gift within you that you only have. Your gift is unlocked by recognising your fears, doubts and limiting beliefs and then letting go of them.  With this gift, you can create.  It is then up to you.

The voice that keeps you up at night

Ask yourself now, “what do I have to lose by following my passion?”  The voice that keeps you up at night is the same voice that puts doubts and fears in your head during the day.  Stop listening to the voice in your head that fills you with negative beliefs about yourself and your world around you.  This voice is not you.  What I mean by this is that the voice is known as ego, or the imposter, or as I call it – ‘The Charlatan‘.  When you allow ‘The Charlatan’ to take over your mind, you have lost to a force that will continue to bring you down.  While you continue to listen to ‘The Charlatan’ you will not achieve the success you desire.

The best way to deal with the Charlatan is to become consciously aware of it, and thank it for its input and story. Then change the story to a positive one.   The more you can do this, the more in control you are of your thoughts, beliefs and what you can achieve.  This is where your power is.

The world is changing as you know it

Much will be different after lockdown.  We are therefore forced to review our life and think differently.     Through this, new visions will be created to help one another as we consider each other with more love and respect.

The strong will survive through this challenge.  They are the ones who will follow their passion and not allow money issues, limiting beliefs or fears to drive them, but rather allow passion and purpose to drive them.  They are the ones who will thrive during lockdown, emerging through the trial happier and stronger.

The choice is entirely yours

Whatever happens, you will be supported in one way or another.  All you have to do is recognise it when it’s there.  Who do you want to be? The person who made it through and came out better for it? or, the person who gave up and never took the opportunity to create something new?

New choices are to be made, forming a new direction in life.   New visions are to be created.  And from this, a new rewarding life will come of it.  Continue to grow. Continue to reward yourself once a week at the least.

You have come this far, do not give up.  Every one of us has special skills, special qualities and gifts within that we can use to help one another.  It’s up to you to tap into it to discover what you can do with it.

Get started now!

Otherwise, meet with me to show you how to discover more potential, more motivation, drive, and energy than you thought you had with vision, purpose, and direction. Unlock your true potential for ultimate success.  This can only lead to a more peaceful happier life with a purpose of life to take you forward.  Call me now for a 45-minute free session to show you how to live your best life.