What do you see in South Africa?

Do you see poverty, beggars, broken roads and government corruption? Or do you see new buildings, luxury apartments, new cars, stunning natural beauty and bustling shopping centres?

Whatever you focus on is what you will see more and more of.  It’s the same as when you decide on a certain car you would really like to have or buy. You then see many of them on the road and wonder where they all came from. However, they were always there.  It is only now that you have deliberately put your focus on them, that you will see more of them.  This is the case with everything you put your attention and focus on.

Now look at yourself and what do you see?

Do you see unfulfilled dreams, broken promises to yourself, lack of direction and stagnation?  Do you see someone with low self-esteem, a physical form you are unhappy with? A person with a broken or damaged heart from past experiences?

Or do you see a confident, happy, loving person?  Do you appreciate where you are at in your life? Living life to its fullest, experiencing success, happy, peaceful, loving and being loved.

 I’m sure that elements of both of these apply to you as well and sometimes can depend on whether you have a good day or a bad day.

So what is perception?

Perception is about your view on yourself and on life. If you continue to perceive bad things about yourself or your outside world, then you will attract bad things. And the opposite is true for good things. I know which I would rather perceive.  What would it cost for you to change your perception?  What would you lose to change what never worked for you before?

You see that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, moving over us.  For the reason that we see it like this, we perceive it to be, as we see it.  This, however, is not the case.  Scientists have proved that the world revolves around the sun.  Therefore the sun does not move, the earth is moving around the sun.  As a result, what we see is not what is necessarily real.   Is this not a powerful analogy of perception by John Kehoe?

What you see as maybe ‘broken’ in your relationship with your partner may not be what you believe you see.  Nor could it be in your job or your family, as real as you think it is. Review what is making you feel the way you do and then re-look at your perception and how you can change it.

Do this exercise for one week:

Choose one characteristic you would like to have (wisdom, consistency, happy, loving or any other) then set the intention to only see this good in yourself for one week.  Take five minutes and close your eyes to find that within you, it is there.  Watch how you will then filter out all this within you.  Then the following week, do it with something else that you would like to see a change in.  I challenge you for one week to see the good in South Africa to see how your perception can change.

Perception is a powerful tool and can help you lead a happier and more fulfilled life.  Also, look deeper into the above to review how far you can take being grateful for all that is available to you.

Help is available:

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