Here are some more questions and answers following my previous blog on bringing yourself out of depression in order to love yourself again:

Is taking selfies loving yourself too much?

If you post your selfies on social media specifically to measure your responses and comments on your photos, then you are basing your self-worth on how many likes or followers you get.  What happens then is that social media pervades your life and you begin to feel that your worthiness is based on the number of followers you have or the likes you get.

Therefore, as long as it’s not to show off, get a specific response, or to get attention than taking selfies to make you feel good is not an issue.  Your intention should only be for your own memories, your personal use and to make yourself feel good.

Does self-love mean you have to spend time alone?

Spending time alone is beneficial for you to learn to live with yourself and enjoy your own company.  It, however, doesn’t mean that you need to isolate yourself.  Isolating yourself is usually when self-deprecating and negative self-talk can happen to lead you to have conversations in your head.  These conversations, if negative, impact on your life as you create perceptions of what you believe could be real.  Your ego mind finds ways to believe that it is real – this is a whole other blog on its own.

With much negative self-talk, you fall into a comfort zone where you protect yourself or develop a reason subconsciously to stay in your comfort zone which then becomes a habit.

On the other end of the scale, if you feel the need to be with friends more often than not, then this is a warning sign that you cannot be on your own meaning you don’t love yourself encouraging low self-worth.

Running out to be with friends can also be a warning sign that you are not dealing with problems, instead, you are running away from problems.  There is nothing wrong with getting out to feel better and lift your energy because now you had a moaning session with your friends who all supported you and now you feel better, as long as you deal with whatever it is and not ignore it afterward.  It is important to face your problems and deal with them, by seeing the good and bad in everything.

Are loud people the confident ones?

Loudest people or those that have fun personalities can sometimes be the ones who seek more pleasure than pain in life, they mask the pain with jokes and laughter so that they don’t have to deal with what is really underlying beneath the surface.

It could also be that they love the sound of their own voice or, they may love their own personality which is also good as long as they remain humble and their ego doesn’t cause them to be arrogant.

Love yourself enough to know that you are enough but if you really struggle to find self-love because depression has taken over, book an appointment today for a free consultation.

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