Is your stress and worry brought about by not taking responsibility?

Think about it carefully, think of something that is of great worry or concern to you now;  is the stress and worry caused from something you have done, or about to do and don’t want to take responsibility for?

Finding someone or something else to blame is not taking responsibility.  For example blaming the one we pray to, government, taxes, the traffic, the weather, family, friends, the dog or the cat and through this, you find an easy way out for yourself.  What this does then is make you the victim rather than the empowered person you are.

Being the victim compounded with stress and worry, affects your health and well-being causing illnesses as well as aches and pains in your body which in the long run, can be more painful than taking responsibility.  But we don’t associate the stress and worry with our health conditions as we don’t see the link.

There are also those who are unable to manage their anger. They are the ones who will act out more when they are stressed or worried because it will only take a drop of fuel to ignite the fire.

The subconscious mind will always take the easy route.  Without even realising it many of us view stress and worry as thoughts or feelings which seem to be much easier to deal with because we can ignore or suppress it.  This is one of many reasons why it is important to live consciously rather than subconsciously.

When you live consciously, you take responsibility for your life and deal with what is going on in your head and your inner world; you take responsibility for our choices and learn from it; you then let go of the baggage you carry from day to day.

Letting go of baggage is a big part of fixing your inner world.  By fixing your inner world you automatically fix your outer world.  This is where you start to live more consciously and begin steering your own ship.  You become proactive rather than reactive and consider consequences before making decisions. The benefits of this, among many others for you, are that you make better decisions which means you have less drama and nonsense to deal with making your life less stressful and worrisome leading to a much happier and peaceful life. All of which are thoroughly liberating.

Even though it may appear to be overwhelming or difficult to take responsibility, it is actually quite the opposite.  The rewards certainly outweigh difficult times you currently face or could face in the future.

Through Transformation Coaching, I can assist you in achieving this and give you the tools to work with as long as you take the responsibility for your own life and set the intention to develop yourself.  This is where you will grow from strength to strength in your personal development, you inner world, your self-esteem and self-worth and most importantly in your life.