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1. List your reason/s for wanting to find your purpose:

2. Place the following three areas below in order of importance to you, with the most important first and the least important third:

  • Humanity
  • Environment
  • Animal Kingdom


3. Do you feel as though something has been lacking in your life/career for some time?  If so, type what this ‘missing feeling’ is for you?

4. What is/was your dream career at the age of seventeen or eighteen?

Did you see yourself:

  1. working in this career in a vision (even if it was only once)?
  2. undertaking an inspiring job you would love but certain fears, doubts or limiting beliefs stopped you from following this path?

Take your time to think about this question as it is very important. List however many careers you wanted to do or roles you wanted to fill in the answer block.

5. What do you love to do, and yet you feel it is something you struggle to do or otherwise can’t seem to master the skill of it?


6. What are your hobbies/interests?  Also, list what you enjoy about your hobbies/interests

7. What books/articles interest you most and you feel you learning something from it?

8. When searching on the Internet for something that interests you or inspires you, what specifically is it that you usually search for?

9. What informative TV show/s interests you enough to take learnings from them and excite you enough to share the learnings with others?

10. What do you do that your friends and/or family say you do well?

11. Who inspires you? Why do you find them inspiring? (This can be anyone including a super hero).


12. What is true about you today, that would make your 13 year old self cry? (eg: that would make you cry due to any regrets in your career; or if there are no regrets but only achievements, then list those)

13. What work/hobby/interest makes you forget to eat, forget time and even forget you need to go to the toilet?

14. Imagine you were given twenty million US dollars right now. What career would you choose? Think out of the box, beyond travelling the world, investing the money, buying houses, helping family and friends etc. Once you have done all that and you are bored, what would you do next?

15. What will give you a sense of purpose? And why will it give you a sense of purpose?


16. Also tick in the boxes below, how you would prefer to have your session?


17. Cell/Mobile phone number and/or day time phone number:  (I must have at least one phone number in order to contact you after submission of the questionnaire)

18. Other areas of interest for Coaching: Please tick which apply:


19. Provide 2 dates (which are to be at least 5 working days after completion of this purpose finder) as well as times on those dates when you are available for a session of up to two hours to discuss the findings:

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