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I arrived for my first session with Debbie feeling absolutely hopeless and exhausted. I had thought I had heard it all, 20 years of endless searching for the answers, visiting countless therapists, practitioners, and spiritual gurus, some as far as America.

Nothing had really worked and the continuous cycles of pain that repeated over and over in my life had not seemed to cease in any major way. I yearned to heal and to overcome my past and to truly discover and accept myself.  I had no idea just how profound and enlightening these precious sessions would be.

Through Debbies coaching and powerful processes, I was able to recognize and unlock the pain cycles in
my life by delving deep into the subconscious and finding the origin of these blocked emotions and getting rid of them. I was able to see and receive the gifts from all my suffering and finally let the pain go for good.

I felt lighter and lighter with each session. I discovered more and more about myself, my talents, and my purpose. I was able to heal painful relationships, so much so that there was no animosity between us, and all I could feel was love and understanding. I began doing some of the processes at home, on my own, and started seeing clients who hadn’t paid me in months, pay me. My business started to improve and a whole new career started to present itself to me.

I never knew that it was so possible to shift this way and so quickly, I feel like a completely new person. I can feel the endless possibilities out there for me, since I am no longer viewing the world and my life, through wounded eyes.

Debbie has inspired me to move forward in life easily and peacefully without being weighed down by all the pain from the past. I feel free and enthusiastic to start a new life, free from old patterns and conditioning. I am inspired and have the confidence to follow my purpose, which I know will bring me great fulfillment…..Penny

My business, social life, family life, and all around have improved.  There is more positivity in my thinking and less overanalyzing.  My outbursts have stopped.  I previously lost interest in work and now the transformation has gone from business being a ‘Micky Mouse company’ on the side of the road to working for a semi-corporate.  I am now selling and moved into a technical role that I was once afraid of doing.  I found purpose in life.

The techniques brought out so much even though I was a little skeptical.  It is a different way to get stuff out of you.  I feel peaceful now   I’m now part of the solution now rather than being part of the problem as I was before.

Debbie inspired me in terms of changing my thinking style, patience and understanding.  Her support was amazing.  None would’ve worked without the above….Mervyn

Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” This coaching process provides an alternative route to releasing whatever is standing in the way of the life you want.  It’s like removing all the debris so you can see the treasure underneath. The process helps you sweep away the old emotions and attachments (e.g. feeling unworthy) that have been keeping you from seeing what’s been there all along. It just works.

I signed up for Career Coaching but have ended up seeing results in all sorts of areas of my life. Including suddenly being able to ride my bike around Amsterdam confidently, after 3 years of having this intense fear around it! The overall feeling that I have, is simply that I  feel lighter and happier. Everyone around me is noticing it in my physical appearance, my voice and my way of being. I was carrying around this extra baggage that I didn’t even know I was carrying. As I have focused on uplifting myself through the coaching process, my world around me has started to shift. Difficult relationships are falling away or changing. I am more confident and less reactive. I have a sense of direction and purpose that I am moving towards. It gives me a way to consider whether an activity, person or job is aligned with my values, vision and inner purpose.  My quality of life has improved greatly, without changing anything externally.

It’s inspiring to know that you can change your external world but uplifting your inner world. To me, this changes everything

I have been able to be completely vulnerable with Debbie, which, I think is a huge testament to her coaching style.  It’s not what I expected! In a good way. I consciously made a decision to trust the process.  I think that choice, with Debbie’s coaching style, allowed me to let go and just do the work. …. Chere – Amsterdam (Netherlands)

My insecurities, my self-doubt, my anxiety, my hard criticism of myself has vanished.  I am much more decisive and have the will power to change my thinking.  She reprogrammed me in ways unexplainable…you just have to go through the process with her.  I am confident and think more before I speak.

I was pretty much in the dark before I met Debbie.  I feel lighter, to begin with, I no longer feel like I’m the manager of the world.  Debbie has introduced me to what I would call it…a sober mind life.  I no longer have anxiety in my stomach, have no problem to say no to toxic people and situations.  I can live with myself and make conscious decisions without beating myself up all the time, which inevitably kept me in a dark hole.

These catastrophic habits didn’t just end with me, I carried it over to very important people…my kids.  Debbie’s process opened my mind to be a better mom and to teach them how to let go of trivial encounters to face our journey called life.

I certainly found my purpose, I have always been a social butterfly but with great compassion for kids.  I have a few options but definitely know I have to inspire and work with kids.  That is my calling and will pursue it with passion and sincerity.

Debbie is impeccable, she has empathy towards the situation not simply by talking but also listening wholeheartedly.  She definitely knows what she is doing.  Humility to accept your shortcomings and treating me like her first client….very important that is….Samantha

I found the coaching very uplifting and inspiring.  At the start of this process, I was lost and very down.  Through the help of Debbie’s coaching, I am definitely more motivated, confident and transformed in all areas of my life.

I completed the purpose finder and in doing so discovered my underlying passion to help people and this has, in turn, opened more doors and created many opportunities for me in the future.

I would highly recommend Debbie to anyone interested in this inspiring journey I’ve been on.  She’s kind-hearted, patient and very understanding.  I truly feel like a new and improved person thanks to her help…Kenisha

The process was so effective for me because it helped me to let go of my fears, anger, sadness and self-doubt, which was sometimes challenging because I really had to dig deep within myself.  But once a lot of these past beliefs were gone I felt so much lighter and happier.

After every session, I felt like a different person.  My mindset completely changed, and I noticed that a lot of the limiting beliefs I had about myself started to disappear.  She helped me to discover my true values which has led me on the right path.  I feel happy and finally at peace with myself, which to me is incredible.

Debbie has been such an amazing person in my life.  In the past, I found it very difficult to open up to people, but with Debbie, it was so easy.  She’s a great listener and such a compassionate person who has helped me in many areas of my life…. Sasha

I can definitely say that I have had much changes with coaching. My anxiety has lessened. I feel a lot more confident. Using the methods (tools) has heightened my awareness about my life and how I have been living with fear and old beliefs. I have raised my self-esteem.

The processes are great.  They reached parts of my life that I had not been aware of and not analyzed.

Debbie allowed me to be myself and helped me to connect with my true self. I enjoyed her methods.  She also helped me to link my passion with my purpose in my career.  I think Debbie is great, diligent, she listens attentively, stays present, and knows exactly what is needed. I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions.

I am no longer allowing people or situations to frustrate me as they used to.  I am now more rational in my responses and reaction.  It has improved our home life and I have seen a difference in my relationship with my wife and children.  The coaching process has definitely helped me.

My coach has encouraged or inspired me to be a better person, a better husband, and father… Charlie

Debbie and the process have changed my life in a positive way.  An experience I will never forget.  I have learned to accept who I am, embrace the life I was given and take advantage of every day.  I’ve been doing things I wouldn’t usually do. Simple things like go to the shop or petrol station without anxiety.  I have let go of so much pain, hurt and anger.  It’s almost like an emotional, spiritual cleansing.  This process has helped me to become a better, happy positive person and I thank you so much for that Debbie.

She also inspired me to conquer my fears and dream.  Not only to dream but achieve my dreams no matter how crazy they may seem to me.  She inspires me to face these fears and doubts.  She has also shown me what kindness really is and she inspires me to be kind and thoughtful to others.

It has helped me realise I do have dreams/purpose in this life and that the answer was right in front of my eyes all along.

Debbie has been an amazing, kind-hearted and non-judgmental coach and confidant.  Patient and always available to listen to my stories.  A great person to talk to.  I enjoyed the coaching process…Kaylene

Debbie is very approachable and I felt at ease with her from beginning to the end of the process. She has inspired me to be the woman I am meant to be.  A woman of value and strength. She inspired me to let go of the past hurt and encouraged me to see what I am capable of achieving.  I have been inspired to sit up and take charge of my life.  I’m setting goals and putting plans into place to achieve them. I will be forever grateful for my encounter with Debbie as she has given me the tools to succeed in my life which I will, in turn, pass on to my children.

I made a deal with myself to go in with an open mind and to completely open myself up to the process. I found the coaching process to be informative, inspiring and most importantly helpful in my healing process…. Monique

My coach was the best, helpful, knowledgeable, supportive and very understanding. The process is fantastic and a simple, easy way to follow and see what is in the way, or what is holding one back.  After each session, you can feel an improvement and an uplifting sensation.  The process is helping in letting go and getting rid of negativity.  I am definitely feeling less judging of myself and others and more understanding of outside influences.  My coach inspired me to get off my bum and do something about the changes I want in my life.  By sitting and complaining just won’t work and by assessing what I would like to have and being positive about it, can achieve them….Gary

She is an extra-ordinarily generous person, completely without “judgement” both insightful and accepting.The Coaching is extra-ordinary. I have done so many different types of therapy to try to break through my (self-inflicted) constraints: without success.  This system is completely different.  I am amazed and astounded at its efficacy.  I honestly don’t understand how it changed my life but I feel different; more positive, calmer, optimistic, a world of opportunities opened up to me.  She was consistently encouraging and incredibly patient.  She made me wonder if I too, could also help people so effectively.  She blew me away with the thoroughness of the process….Ruth

I contacted Inspirational Futures when I really felt “stuck’. I felt like there was no positive future to my life, which made me feel very isolated and alone. My self esteem was at an all-time low having realised that there had been no progression in my life for the past 6 years. Despite the fact that I approached Inspirational Futures during the festive season, when everyone else had shut down, Debbie was willing to see me. This saw the start of an amazing journey of self-discovery and healing.

Debbie helped me realise that perceived “only options” and responsibilities were not what they seemed. I was able to let go of fears, anxiety, and self-imposed duties which were preventing me from moving forward in my life. Through this process, I was able to identify toxic relationships and other obstacles, which I was able to overcome with a newfound self-confidence. I started moving forward, exploring exciting new options. Even my relationship with money improved. I finally have direction again with new goals and the energy to pursue it. She made me realise the importance of a reason for doing things and I now ensure that what I am doing, aligns with my values. I rediscovered a world full of opportunity and I am a happier person for it. Needless to say, I no longer feel stuck or alone.

Switching Careers Made Possible

She inspired me to identify new career and business opportunities. Also, to focus and improve on mindfulness daily. She inspired me to seek better relationships and happiness through self-awareness, and to energetically strive toward a better future.  It helped me identify my values and to align it with my planned actions. I now have an idea for a business that could very well be very lucrative and which I am actively pursuing.

Debbie is above all very human, compassionate, and inspiring. She always made me feel very comfortable while dealing with very difficult and personal subjects. Her pursuit of mindfulness has reignited my own passion for the subject. She is clearly very knowledgeable and while always being professional, she is always approachable….John

The processes have helped me uncover the root causes of issues I have experienced in my life and helped me to let this unnecessary baggage go.  I am now aware of limiting beliefs, understand them which has enabled me to step out and become aware should they surface, meaning I am able to rationalise situations better.

I really enjoyed the coaching process, it totally met my needs.  I felt blocked and stuck and the process of the emotional release helped me to let go and find my life’s flow again.  The tools that Debbie provided me with are invaluable…..Lee-Anne (Isle of Man, UK)

I have let go of anxiety.  I have let go of the past that was holding me bondage into my current life.  I became aware of this through Debbie’s coaching.  I have learnt to be positive and have confidence in myself and love my current self or situation.  I’ve learnt to strategise in my job hunting and managed to secure an interview with the big companies I have always wanted to work for.

I have learnt that the past and the future does not matter, but what’s important is NOW the only moment…Nonhlanhla

I am now more conscious, more confident and more self-aware.  I understand the ego-mind and how to let go of any thought or emotion.

I now live a life with more passion and no fear.  I now also have the courage to follow my passions and to live a life of truth.

The coaching processes were phenomenal! I am so happy to have experienced such a helpful coaching process.  It was challenging yet rewarding in so many aspects.  I loved learning so many techniques and letting go of my limiting beliefs in such a profound way.  You can tell that so much thought, love and experience went into creating the coaching processes.  The coaching process is honest and real and it gives you the guidance needed to find answers to your questions.

Debbie is absolutely fantastic! She has provided me with tools that I will take with me into my life going forward.  Debbie has inspired me to live my life wholeheartedly.  She is truly such a wonderful coach with so much love and kindness in her heart.  I am so grateful she came into my life…Kayleigh

Debbie helped me to understand and work through why the emotions were so strong.  Great listener and very accommodating.  She allowed me to vent.  She has definitely helped me to reach my goals such as dealing with anger, managing frustrations, drop bad habits, a better appreciation for the energy and how it can help you overcome obstacles or bottlenecks.  She inspired me to implement change and allowed me to go through the process in a way that I could understand, reason and practice. …Bhavesh

I was battling with fears and as a result, I was sabotaging myself.  Through the processes, I was able to get to the root of the issues, learnt from them and let go.  I learnt to meditate and quieten my mind, therefore gain control.  I became strong again and was able to handle the negative happening in my life better.  I am comfortable that I can achieve whatever I want.

Great Coach, patient and encouraging…. Sibongile

She is an inspirational coach who helped me to release my limiting beliefs.  She ignited a spark in me that helped me to realise my magnificence.  As someone whose tried religion, self-help, Oprah and other modalities I can confidently say this program has been the most valuable.  I saw results quickly and they were long term.  I now see myself in a positive light.  I believe in myself, my self-worth has increased and I have adopted more empowering beliefs about what’s possible for me.  I stopped settling for less, I released my needs and started saving money….Shadi

The processes helped me to:

understand where I am, how I got there and how I can come out of my situation
identify my destiny and walk towards its achievement
to be a confident woman
to increase my consciousness level
to think and dream about the future I want. It takes a lot of guts to do that! And I have to start working towards that

Debbie inspired me in that she helped clear my blocks that were holding me back….. Bongie

Throughout much of my adult life, I have thought to myself that there must be more to life than I was experiencing. I had a good job which I excelled at, friends and family, car and house but I was never truly satisfied on a deeper level, I knew I was missing something. I would have good days and then some days where I was just depressed, even though I thought I had nothing to be depressed about. Through the techniques and hard work that Debbie put in and encouragement she gave me, we were able to identify what was missing and what it was that my subconscious wanted me to do, it was my desire to become a writer. Thanks to Debbie, I have now started to write, which fills me with energy and joy and is helping me to live a more inspired life….Richard

It has been a great blessing to have Debbie as my Coach.  She has helped me open my eyes to opportunities and showed me the way to get myself and my business on the right path and keep it clear.  She is an easy person to get on with and she applies her wisdom at the right time.  I am grateful every day that she is has had an impact on my life so positively, to love what I do……Tyron

I have always been skeptical about the role life coaching plays and it’s a success. Recently I embarked on major change both personally and professionally and approached Debbie to assist with life coaching.  Wow! It was one of the best decisions that I have made.  It gave me an understanding of myself and my situation, providing tools that can be practically used every day.  Prioritizing my values has given me direction and an action plan to move forward.  I have a map to follow and am feeling more able to deal with the decisions and changes, that change brings.  Debbie managed the process with professionalism and gave me the security that what I was sharing, was confidential.  Thanks Debbie you really helped me on so many levels…..Carolyn

The coaching process is excellent as it works on your weaknesses. I liked the way it was sequential as it assisted in boosting my confidence. It tackles areas in your life that need improvement. Debbie’s coaching gave me the confidence to speak English fluently and not doubt myself and my capabilities…. Dipuo

The coaching process did not force me to ignore my traditional calling. I can now move forward able to embrace my spirituality and my traditional ancestral calling.

I am now more assertive. I express myself. I sleep better. I trust myself more and no longer driven by guilt.

I am more courageous than before. I am determined to go after my dreams now more than ever.

Debbie is sympathetic, attentive and affable….. Refilwe

As a result of the coaching I have been able to focus on the things that really matter to me. Structuring my goals in a way that I never thought of before. It assisted in building myself back up again and ultimately learning to love myself. Debbie helped me to deal with some deep-rooted issues, I had been in denial about that need to be faced. Each session was a pleasurable experience.

Thanks to my wonderful coach Debbie, who was patient, understanding, supportive, kind, and caring helped enable me to transform my life. I will be forever grateful!

I highly recommend Inspirational futures as Debbie is extremely professional, well organised, and very supportive through your coaching process…..Thandiswa

During my first coaching session I was extremely anxious and feared many things. Through the coaching I learned to overcome all my fears and deal with my anxiety. I now feel positive in every situation and live life more positively free of fear and hurt…..Keshlin

I learned to trust the process and started to see wonderful results. Through the process, I was able to get to the root of my issues, learned from them, and let them go. I learned how to meditate and gain control of my mind and thoughts, which as a result I stopped living in fear and sabotaging myself.

Debbie was a great coach, who was patient and constantly encouraged me to see the good in myself. She taught me to believe in myself and know that I am able to achieve whatever I want…..Sibongile

The coaching process was most encouraging and helped me change self-hatred into self-respect. I now have more clarity and focus. Debbie is extremely committed and enthusiastic about what she does. She takes a genuine interest in her clients.….Mike

The coaching process helped me become more calm. It helped me analyse situations and control the stress I was feeling during those times. I have learned to take things one day at a time and realise that I am only human and do not always have to save the world in one day.

Debbie was very patient and insightful. I always felt comfortable when in sessions with her. She helped me see life from a different perspective. A more positive one. She taught me to conserve my energy, take control of my emotions and rest when I need to…..Amanda

I think anyone who has the opportunity to go through the coaching process would benefit from it, as it shows you how far you can go if you are willing to let go. This process helped me change the way I view my everyday experiences and helped me be more aware of my thinking. It helped me acknowledge my emotions but not allow them to linger. It assisted in helping me discover a  clear career path, and now I know exactly what I want to and need to do to get there.

Debbie helped me to realise that I am capable of achieving anything I put my mind to. Keeping my focus set on the bigger picture, she has helped me to better deal with what would normally make me lose track. I now realise I can make a success of myself. I think Debbie has a true gift in helping people believe in themselves again and reaching for their true potential. Gentle manner in accepting in what was and what can be…..Samantha

I found so much peace in myself since I started attending sessions with Debbie. I feel so much love and self trust. I am grateful for this opportunity and the techniques I’ve learned that I can continue them at home. I’ve found a life-long tool that I can apply to make decisions in my life.

She (Debbie) has been a  great help for me. Her methods revealed the capabilities which were hidden in me….Valerie

What Others Had To Say About The ‘Unlocking Your True Potential™’ questionnaire :

To say I was a skeptic, would be an understatement, but after all the work put in and being rewarded with the outcomes, was a truly magical experience. Discovering my purpose in skincare was not only an insane and emotional process, but a very liberating one at that. I somehow always knew what my purpose was, I just needed to put fear aside, stop “fighting the feeling” and just hone in on it and Debbie helped me realise it….(Theruna, now taking actionable exciting steps in her spare time, towards her purpose of life in skincare);


It made my vision a lot clearer because I was having doubts.  It’s putting me in the right direction.  After hearing the results, I immediately felt inspired and wanted to do more research.  The results made me feel very happy and motivated… (Sasha School Student who will pursue her purpose of life once she has completed schooling)


It was confirmation to what I always felt deep inside, that I am meant to be helping others in there healing and transformation. I do have a way forward with this new chapter in my life and now that I know what it is I want to do, I am very open to the opportunities that are presenting themselves to me now….(Penny Graphic Designer and now working towards her purpose of life to help people to heal and transform their lives)


It helped me realise that I want to make clothing for all types of woman so that they can showcase their natural beauty and have a greater sense of self-love and acceptance…(Samantha, now following her purpose of life in her spare time to have her own brand in fashion design);


This process was specific to Gary’s purpose of life:  Thank you very much for the session we did. On arriving I was tense and quite disorientated in my thoughts. There was a void or hole that I could feel, but could not quite get a handle on it. This void in my mind’s eye was a misty fog that is just there but just out of reach.  While doing the process with Debbie various emotions and feelings came up and the perspective and reasoning I had before started to change during the session.  After a few days, the feeling of the void lifted and the hole filled up. There has been a significant relief and release from the process Debbie facilitated and there definitely still feels like integration taking place to date.  Thank You, Debbie, for your help and professionalism at all times…(Gary, now pursuing his purpose of life to help people through various hypnosis techniques);


I really enjoyed doing the questionnaire and it really made me think and clarify what I want to achieve this year, thank you so much – (Tamaryn – Confirmed her purpose of life as a Marketing Specialist);