FB_IMG_1487503750524 (1)Each of us looks in the mirror and thinks, I hate my hair, I hate the marks on my face, I am so fat, I hate my muffin tops, but when do we stop to review our life and what we are doing about it?  We want to put our families first but instead we put our jobs first.  We want money to live a better life, but continue to take the same action with our money from month to month.

I hear so many people saying ‘but I don’t have time for myself’ or ‘I don’t have money for myself’ and so many other excuses. Yet most of us spend time and money on our houses fixing them up, maintaining our gardens, maintaining our cars, ensuring we have a great wardrobe and our kids have the best of everything.  Yet, these are all assets being focussed on and are all short term pleasures to compensate for what we truly desire deep down for ourselves, which is ultimately peace, love and happiness in our lives.

Valuing yourself means spending time and money on the most important person in your life – YOU.  If you do not look after yourself by maintaining your body, mind and soul, how can everything else exist in good form i.e. in happiness, peace, love? YOU are the most valuable person in your LIFE.  The most important relationship is with you first.  Valuing yourself does mean spending time on yourself; taking the time to know yourself, taking time to meditate, relax, which all in short means ‘do what you love and love you do’ and those you love will do the same for themselves.

As a trained and experienced Transformation Coach I can guide you to value yourself as well as define your most important values and live them from day to day which will lead to more of what you want for yourself and then for your family too.