Your Mind Is Your Power Hub

Your mind is your power hub yet you do not use it to your advantage.  The lack of managing your mind can slide your energy into a downward spiral of anxiety, depression, anger, fear, shame, guilt.  All contributing to diminishing your confidence and self-esteem.  You don’t feel good about yourself, your mind is not at peace and you can’t sleep at night.

Analogy Of The Mind

Here is an example of the difference between your conscious and subconscious mind.  One morning my husband drove off to work knowing he had to go to Rivonia first.  Distracted on a phone call with a work colleague, he headed on his usual route to Sandton instead.   My husband had gone into autopilot.  Meaning, he was in the subconscious mind where habits are programmed.  He suddenly became consciously aware that he was heading in the wrong direction.  This is when he moved into the conscious mind i.e the awareness.

The Risk Of Functioning Daily On Autopilot

Using this as an example of the analogy of the mind, I will explain further.  From when you wake up in the morning, you can easily slip into the subconscious mind for 95% of the day.  Here you run the risk of functioning on autopilot through negative programs of the subconscious mind.  Such programs are run by emotions, habits, strategies, cravings, beliefs, and values.

When you function on autopilot you also run the risk of reacting when you become emotional.  If you feel anxious, angry, hurt, guilty, worried or stressed you can easily become irrational.  This can affect your job, your relationships, your finances, health, and mental well-being.

Coming back to the example of my husband.  When he became consciously aware of where he was and where he was going, he made a U-turn to correct his direction.  When you are consciously aware during the day, you are in control of the direction of your life.  This is where power comes from.

By being consciously aware of my mind and the thoughts running through them, I have caught my mind repeating one negative thought 10 to 20 times in seconds.  This creates emotions within which then fuels the thought.  It could have made me feel down for the rest of the day.  And to add fuel to fire, my subconscious mind could have become programmed with that one thought for life.  Or until I changed the program.  However, I took back control of my mind because I was consciously aware and able to stop the thought while also, dismissing it.

Make A Choice

You are not in a powerful state when you are irrational and reacting.  Which life do you choose to live?

  • reacting to what happens to you daily? functioning on past beliefs, emotions, habits and more? or
  • to be consciously aware? where you are in control of your mind and the direction you are heading in?

Transformation Coaching with Inspirational Futures can empower you to manage and be in control of your mind.  You can then utilise your mind to lift your energy to courage, love, reason, peace, and happiness and much more. Book your free consultation now to free your mind, lift your energy to make you feel better; be more rational, proactive and logical. Let go of the negative thoughts and feelings that cause anxiety, depression, anger, and all that lowers your confidence and self-esteem.  The power you long for is within you, not without.