Depression, anxiety, anger, low self-esteem, and many other problems have unfortunately come from what you have created, consciously or unconsciously.

It is a hard pill to swallow hearing this for the first time, however, there is much truth in it.  For every cause, you create there is an effect.  My first question when I heard this was how is that even possible? It was other people that hurt me, betrayed me, broke my trust, rejected me, and so on.

Let me explain a little further.  Your thoughts, behaviors, and actions create a specific effect.  You know, for example, that if you take your anger out on someone, this is your reaction – this is the cause.  The effect will come back to you. It could be directly, that person may become angry at you and therefore have an effect on you.  It may be indirectly.  Maybe not at that specific point in time, but at some point your life, your behavioral reaction will create an effect.

On a more positive note, using another example, if you choose to love (cause), you feel love, you give love, and love is returned to you (effect).

As the saying goes, what you give, you get back.  The above explains it in terms of its title which is ‘The Law of Cause and Effect’.

To actively stop the drama, bad situations, negativity, and anything else detrimental in your life, stop blaming everything outside of you.  By doing this you take responsibility for your own life without being the victim.  You are then in a more powerful mental state, and you start creating your own life and the life you choose to have.


  • You are the creator of your life and therefore your choices cause the life you live Responsibility – take responsibility for all that has happened and everything that is happening in your life
  • What you create and cause you may live to regret later in life


  • Stop living in the effect of your thoughts, behaviors, and actions
  • By reacting badly to your emotions, you will live with bad effects. Every action, good and bad you take, has consequences.  Therefore good actions lead to good consequences while bad actions will lead to bad consequences.
  • The choices you make through conscious or subconscious thinking will create a link in the outcomes (effects)
  • Stop blaming and trying to control what is out there and instead control what is happening in your own mind.

It works the same for everyone!  Everything you are experiencing is the effect of what you caused/created through beliefs, reactions, actions, and even non-actions.

To stop living in the consequences of your negative reactions, I can show you how to work through depression, anxiety, anger, lack of confidence, and not believing in yourself creating low self-esteem.  By working on your emotions your emotional intelligence is automatically raised and you become the creator while living more peacefully and therefore happier.  Contact me now for one free session to discuss with you how the processes work to your benefit.

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