Anger pic

Anger can sometimes feel like a surge of bad energy that does not care who or what is in it’s way.  It’s like a broken electric cable waving around aimlessly while spurting out electricity charges to whoever is on the receiving end, which can be frightening in itself.

Those who battle with managing their anger know that frustration can set in leading to the anger bursting wide open and all control or rational thinking is lost in the moment. You react rather than be proactive.  A vengeful and antagonistic state of mind is created bringing you to an all time low.

What is done or said in the heat of the moment can never be taken back and we live with such deep regret and guilt afterwards and for some even shame.  

Family or work relationships built up over many years can be destroyed in seconds. You know you have hurt someone you love, or even more than one person including yourself because you know this is not who you want to be, nor what you want for yourself or for others.

Those who get angry say ‘I will never do that again’ but every situation brings on anger in a different form and then have to say again ‘I will never do that again’ but the pattern of behavior continues resulting in more destruction in relationships later on.  Running away from the problem doesn’t help either as someone will still hit that trigger that sets you off, or until you release that root cause, the anger will continue to get worse.  Stop denying what you already know and get the help required.

Anger will not be resolved until you get professional help to deal with it.

Through my Life Coaching techniques I was able to resolve my clients deep seated issues and enable them to get on with their lives calmly and rationally. By realising it’s not the situation or the person that makes it worse, it’s the charges/emotions of anger that builds up over time.

To cure the anger we have to identify the root cause.  This is where I come in as a Life Coach to release the charges that have built up over the years using Neuro Linguistic Programming and other successful tried and tested techniques to release that trigger for good.

Before your relationships at home or work become extreme where you feel shameful, guilty and have too many regrets, CALL ME NOW FOR ANGER MANAGEMENT COACHING.