A common trend with clients who come for Life Purpose Coaching is that their parents decided what the best career was for them. They also have to receive coaching for low self-esteem issues as they are not happy doing their job.  Anyone who does not enjoy their job will not perform at their best which has implications in the workplace.

Usually, parents do know what is best for their kids.  But do not always know what is best in terms of career choices.  This is my husband’s story and what he experienced trying to find passion and purpose in his career.

25 years ago, I was pushed/encouraged to go into a career I knew nothing about. My parents thought Accounting would be a suitable career. Of course, I had no idea at age 16 and I took their suggestion.   Not knowing any better I diligently went off and completed school.  Aimed my varsity subjects in a direction I thought was right for me.  And off I went on my merry way into a career I would find out later that I had no passion for.  

There were times I enjoyed my career and many more where I didn’t.  I had yet one bad day after another at the office.  Due to this, I often found myself thinking there must be more to life than the work I was doing.

Thanks to the guidance of Debbie using her life coaching skills and her own experiences, I not only know and understand my passion but I am taking active steps, to align my career with my passion.

How wonderful would it be to align your career to your passion? To wake up every morning and know you are going to do what you love because your job is your passion.

Passion is something that runs deeper than love. For example, I love food. I love finding new places to eat, trying different dishes whether Greek, Italian, Indian or local. That’s love. I don’t wake up at 4am thinking about recipes, nor do I visit farmers markets looking for fresh produce.  If my passion was truly in the food I would also be, considering flavour combinations.  And would be worrying about the food chain, whether it’s organic or where the food has come from. I don’t spend my spare time cooking. I don’t own shelves of recipe books or spend my time watching cookery shows on TV. That’s a different type of love or passion, so be cautious.

For me, the most difficult part of my career was identifying what my passion was. How do you tell what your passion is? Often it’s buried deep within your subconscious and a Debbie will be able to help you identify it as she helped me to find my passion as an Author.

Thanks to Richard, we are able to share his experience with you.  Before you rush into studies or a career you may not enjoy, take one hour out of your life to complete the purpose finder: www.inspirationalfutures.co.za/purpose-of-life