As a Life Coach (in Johannesburg), I am continuously practising consciousness which is also known as mindfulness, which is one other way of using more of your brain.  It’s a very empowering way to manage your life higher emotional intelligence and with direction and clarity.

Studies show that 95% of the brain is being used unconsciously.  This means for you that you are doing, being, responding in programmed ways related to your:

  • belief systems,
  • cultural beliefs
  • values,
  • habits,
  • strategies

To change this, you would have to practise using more of your conscious brain.  This is done through:

  1. Being more mindful of your own thoughts and how your respond to them
  2. Mindful of your environment and what you take in and what doesn’t serve you
  3. Mindful through meditation and learning to quiet the mind.

Did you know you are not in control of your life, if your mind is so busy that you cannot keep it quiet?  Stillness of the mind is the key to stop overthinking and overanalysing.  The more you do this, the busier your mind becomes over days, months and years too.

Eventually, your mind is so busy that you can think clearly, you have no direction, and you can’t sleep.

My overthinking and overanalysing caused me much grief and hardship.  It was like an overactive child that I could not manage.  Jumping from one thought to another.  Then creating emotions and unnecessary feelings of anger, hurt, sadness, fear and doubts.  All of which reduced my self-esteem.

What are you without your brain?

You need your brain to be physically fit, to be authentic to yourself, well-nutrition, have good family relationships, to be socially connected, to have financial well-being, to have the knowledge, spiritually connected.  To know your values in each of these areas.  A brain that is still is in control of all of these and manages each area with love, care, and in the moment.

The above values and mindfulness, are just some of the areas I focus on, as a Life Coach (In Johannesburg).  My life was transformed for the better and so can yours.  You too can have, more peace of mind through practising mindfulness.  And also to have better loving relationships, direction and clarity.  Additionally you will have your values aligned to what is most important to you instead of living an unconscious life.