As a Transformational Life Coach in Johannesburg, I reflect back to see where my low points in life were.  By looking back I see that wherever there were lows, these were also times for my own personal maximum growth.  This is the case for everyone, not just me.

They say we won’t ever receive more than we can handle.  I say we won’t ever allow ourselves to hit any further to rock bottom, than our own personal limit, which is no more than we can personally handle.  When we reach a desperate need for change, this is when our life gives rise to a turning point.  The most personal growth happens at this juncture.

Facing life-changing challenges, such as COVID-19, doesn’t happen with qualifications, it happens with strengthening the mind to better cope and to survive, which results in growth from within.  Rushing off to the shops to buy extra food, toilet paper, and other necessities are fear-based reactions to survive.  We know now, there was no need to do this – there was always enough for everyone.

Fear keeps you trapped in a desperate desire to survive.  In survival mode, you often imagine worse possible scenarios that could happen to you or your family.  This will continue to happen until you have the mental strength to change your perspective to one that is more beneficial to you.  A mental and conscious transformation to change your story to a positive one.

Growth from within starts with:

  • Stopping the external talk about bad or negative experiences
  • Having direction and clarity
  • Leaving your comfort zone
  • Changing your internal maps such as transforming negative and limiting beliefs to positive ones
  • Stop listening to the ego/monkey mind
  • Change habits
  • Change strategies
  • Be more proactive rather than reactive
  • Move your focus to what is good, in order to see more good
  • Be grateful for all you have
  • Transform your story to one that is beneficial to you

Most of all, become the master of your own mind and when you do this change will come from within.  This is one of our purposes on this earth, to grow from within.

Growth doesn’t happen either while seeking pleasures and avoiding pain, there must be a balance in your life.  You cannot have one without the other.  When we are thrust out of our comfort zone by the universe/our maker, is when we experience the most growth.  This is how COVID-19 has pressurised us to do what we have been wanting to do but made 1001 excuses not to do it.

I will demonstrate with an example as to how a very close friend of mine was proactive rather than reactive due to COVID-19.  Working in an industry that is taking much strain under the lock-down, he has taken the initiative to put Plan B in place.

For months on end, he was playing with the idea, put a strategy together but that was as far as it went.  Excuses were regular while pondering on whether it was a good idea or not.  Lock-down was enforced and he was compelled to look at things with fresh eyes and take the initiative, the opportunity to proactively follow his dream.  Only now does he act on his big dream because he is shaken out of his comfort zone.

Having a plan as a backup is a great idea, but actioning that plan is an opportunity to follow your dream.  Above, you have some ideas mentioned in the bullet points as to how to effect personal growth from within.  Begin each day with the intention to use these as your starting points.  Your life starts transforming, you will see more good in the world, and in your world.  Take notice of all the good that comes your way and be appreciative of it.  Write down 3-5 things you did right every day.  This all helps towards raising your energy and your own personal growth.

To boost this process and your personal growth, I as a Transformational Life Coach in Johannesburg, have various proven techniques that can assist in your unforgettable personal growth.  By the end of the process, you will have fewer fears, fewer limiting obstacles in your way, a huge weight off your shoulders, belief in yourself, know that you are good enough, know your purpose, have direction and clarity.  All resulting in peace of mind.

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