Many of us allow a build-up of emotions such as fears, doubts, irritation, frustration and anger all contributing to anxiety, depression and low self-esteem.   Common of these include fearing the future, fear of loss, anger and doubting your capabilities.

Some people think that holding on to negative emotions will make them feel better.  However, when you really look at it with open eyes, you realise it only makes you feel worse.  Thus, bringing on your own suffering.

Here is an example of what a negative emotion such as anger can do to you.    In your mind, you tend to think you can punish, or hurt a person by staying angry with them.  Or you believe staying angry with them won’t allow them to ‘get off so lightly for what they did’.  You may be thinking this person is going to ‘pay’ for what they did to me and for that reason I am going to stay angry with them, in order for them to suffer.

However, the only person suffering is you because you have all these built-up emotions that become trapped within you.  You may think you are only angry with someone, however with an emotion such as anger also comes frustration, hatred, sadness, hurt, regret and maybe even guilt or shame.

The other person generally gets over it and moves on with their life.  Yet you hang on to all these negative emotions. Anger along with all other linked emotions is a force within that can destroy you.

Letting go of the emotions which you have been holding on to so tightly, will actually make you feel so much better.  Letting it go though, doesn’t mean you have to condone the person’s behaviour. Break the chains that bind you to the past by letting go through the transformation coaching programs.  Take the lessons from the past, not the negative emotions.  Free yourself from the chains of negative emotions so you can move forward in life with ease.  You are then in control of your emotions and your life, rather than allowing emotions to control you.

Thinking you have let go of negative emotions where a particular event happened in the past is not necessarily reality.  Clients will even say they don’t think about it anymore.  That is not the point to stop thinking about it.  The emotions are still suppressed in the subconscious mind.  This is where they will stay until you deal with them rather than suppress them.  While doing the transformation coaching processes, we always find the emotions are still within and linked to dozens of beliefs.

Denial and resistance to deal with the negative emotions only add to it.  Ultimately, this compounds the negative emotions which can cause depression, anxiety, anger and other emotions that can bring you to your knees.  Not only are you suffering but your family and other people around you are affected by your emotional state.

Before you lose everything you value so much get the help you need.  The Transformation Coaching programs will stop you from allowing people or situations to frustrate, hurt, or anger you.  Possibly even from destroying your life with stress, anxiety and depression.  You will feel better and through this realise that you do have a higher purpose and meaning in your life.  You will feel worthy and believe in yourself once again, therefore lifting your self-esteem. It will help you let go of the negativity in your life so you may feel at peace once again with yourself.

If you are serious transforming your life and moving forward with clarity and direction, contact me now for your free session to discuss further coaching to master your life.  I also hold hang out sessions with experts who have experienced, researched and mastered their life.  And are now willing to share their tools of success with you.