Think of your favourite music band or solo artist. Before they became rich and famous, do you think they:

  • Allowed their fears or limiting beliefs to get in the way of their dreams?
  • Sat down and worked out first what job or business would make them the most money?

No, more than likely not. Do you believe instead they:

Followed their purpose and passion, writing the best songs they could possibly write, practicing, playing their instruments, singing day after day because that is what they love to do.

They knew their purpose and followed it, and because that was also their passion they excelled at it. They stepped out of their comfort zones and went on to eventually make a vast fortune. Think too of famous sports stars or self-made entrepreneurs, they also started with what they were passionate about.

When you once discussed your dream job with your parents, other family members or friends, someone may have laughed at your dream, maybe no one believed it was possible, maybe you instilled your own fears or limiting beliefs within yourself.  So at the time you may have told yourself to ‘get real’ and then seemed like a good idea to suppress what you would love to do.  But that dream will be a cloud hanging over you for a very long time, until you open up to it and follow your inner purpose leading you to your dreams and what makes you truly happy.

Find your purpose first by following your passion and then

Develop the skills to support it (or you may already have some or all the skills)

Most aptitude tests are designed specifically to find out what you are good at and then allocate you a career and doesn’t even consider what the person’s passion is.  I guarantee that whatever you are passionate about you will be able to develop on your skills through relative studies very quickly and easily.

You are not alone

I sat an aptitude test many years ago and spent 2 decades in jobs that, although I was good at them, I lost interest in them after about 18 months.  Through many years of searching for what I would love to do, I found my passion.  And now it is my deep interest to help you find your passion and inner purpose so you may live your dream; which you DO deserve.

I see many clients who have been doing the same thing they don’t want to do because they are not following their passion and feel stuck in their lives and their self-esteem is low.  They keep going to jobs they hate, they get sick thinking about their job.  They cannot see something better for themselves because of fears and doubts holding them back.

There is a way!

Once we work through their deep seated fears, doubts and limiting beliefs, they move on to a better future for themselves.

What investment have you made in you lately?  Make a conscious effort NOW to find what it is that you have suppressed, and overcome your fears and limiting beliefs in order to follow your passion that can literally lead you to a bundle of happiness.  Book an appointment today to find your purpose setting you free for good.