Your children are coming of an age where they will be moving out of the house making you feel anxious, depressed, with no purpose of life, and feeling stuck. You wonder and ask yourself, ‘what is left for me if they are gone?’

I’ve been in this position myself and not everyone understands it until they have experienced it themselves. Those who have experienced it, refer to it as ‘empty nest syndrome’. Your reason for living, doing and what once gave you meaning is moving out of the house. It’s as if your ‘why’ is moving out of the house along with your children.

Finding A Reason

This feeling lasted for years and years with me before I finally found my why. For me, the older my children became, the harder it was to find another reason that inspired me as much as my children inspired me. At the same time, I was stuck and didn’t know my purpose in my career.  When I say purpose I mean, what will drive me? And what will inspire me to wake up in the morning feeling fulfilled and enthusiastic.

Five years after my divorce I eventually accepted what my purpose (being in the right career) was and followed it.  I never looked back as I grew my business and transformed people’s lives.  I still, however, could not connect with my why, my reason to do what I was doing and eventually after quite a few years, I felt stuck again.

There was not enough motivation or drive for me to move forward or take any kind of leap of faith

The idea of what to do next was there, but I had no drive to actually do it.  There was too much uncertainty about my ‘why’ and the fact that I could not connect with it.  After setting up a constellation – which is one of the powerful processes I use in Transformation Coaching – I could move again.  This incredible feeling of openness was within and the answers were coming to me as to what to do with my ‘why’.

Once you know what your ‘why’ is, doors can open for you and impact your life positively

This is when you can allow the opportunities to come in.  Above all this, you have ideas as to ‘how’ to make it happen.  The certainty is phenomenal when you know your Purpose of Life and your ‘why’, your reason.  Knowing your ‘why’ inspires you to wake up in the morning with motivation, energy, and a great reason.  Your job no longer feels like a job.  It’s only what you love to do from day-to-day.  You have focus and vision, and the how will come to you.

Leave your feelings of anxiety and depression in the past and discover your purpose of life and your ‘why’.  Experience what I experienced with such an amazing outcome; a feeling of lightness, openness; and certainty of how to make it happen.  If this is for you, then book one free session with me today, and together we can discover your purpose of life and your ‘why’.