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Expand Your Mind & Transform Your Life By Hanging Out With Experts

Imagine that for 2 hours straight once a week, you were given the opportunity to hang out with an Expert.  I’ve got good news for you!  This amazing opportunity is available to you now.

In order to achieve high levels of success, hanging out with experts will boost your goals and plans to get you there.  Dr Demartini says hang out with experts because “one great idea, could save you hours or even years of work”.  He also says “dollar ideas, equal dollar opportunities”.

A common problem I see with people just starting out is that they feel they have to start right at the beginning, on their own, to figure out each step along the way.  If you feel this way you are not alone, join the experts now and expand your mind.

Whether it is starting life again after a separation, a divorce, a traumatic experience, starting a new business,  a new job, a new career.  Experts are here to share their story and you have the opportunity to hang out with them.

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Set Goals for clarity and Master Your Life

The new year is an exciting time as we set new year’s resolutions and we are filled with hopes and aspirations.  With much excitement and enthusiasm about the future, we are excited about the year ahead.  However, as the weeks go by we become disappointed by the demands on us and the challenges are thrown our way on a daily basis.

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Meditations – Johannesburg

Revive…Your Body

Renew…Your Spirit

Relax…Your Mind

And Feel More Alive Today By Booking Now For Your Spot At A Meditation Session


  • Move into a state of inner peace
  • Inner peace transcends into happiness
  • Develop concentration
  • Manage stress
  • Learn to transcend into a deep state of relaxation

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