A client asked:  if our subconscious mind is the operating system that knows exactly what we need and what is the purpose of life, then why doesn’t it just tell us straight out instead of the cryptic clues?  He then added the subconscious mind makes our heartbeat, organs work etc.  Yet it can’t tell our conscious mind what is needed, seems odd to me he said.

My response to that was:  Your subconscious mind has told you what you need to do to follow your purpose.  However, you have too many negative emotions that stop you from following what it’s telling you to do.  And from following that which is best for you.  You think you know what is best for you, so you follow a path different from that which is your true inner purpose.  This causes anxiety, depression, self-doubt, low self-esteem and many more emotions.

You know your purpose and have known it from a young age.  Yet you tell yourself that you are not good enough.  You fear failure or even fear succeeding.  The ego mind tells you stories of what could go wrong.  It reminds you of past experiences where people laughed at you when you spoke of your dreams.  The more you listen to the ego mind, the more it will continue with the negative and limiting beliefs.  Once you have convinced yourself that this is not for you, the ego mind will stop.

Years later you have forgotten that the conversation you had.  The conversation either in your own head or with someone close to you.  Your subconscious mind is now programmed with what you convinced yourself to be true.  You then search for your purpose, searching for what is best for you.  However, because you convinced yourself back then it was not for you, your mind will block it out.  Due to this, you now strongly believe that you have no idea what your purpose is.  But once you go back and let go of all those negative and limiting beliefs created, you will know your true inner purpose once again.  Until then you will continue searching for your purpose in life.

The answer then is to let go of all those negative and limiting beliefs, habits and negative emotions that you created.  Within the coaching sessions, we use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help you let go of them.  Through NLP you can be more rational, logical and have more will power to move you toward your purpose.

When you let go of emotions and beliefs, you become more awakened in a conscious state of mind.  You become more conscious, thus more aware of your thoughts.  By doing this you are able to choose what you would like to believe.  This sets you on a new and exciting path.

To explain this further I advised him that your intuition will also guide you as to which direction to go in.  You don’t listen to your intuition yet you are always guided by it.  You think you know better so you went off in our own direction.  Thus pulling away from who you truly are.  This can lead to anxiety, frustration, self-doubt, low self-esteem and other emotions.  Remember, your intuition will never interfere with your choices.

However, when you are in a constant state of being and living in consciousness, you will once again know your purpose.  You have now let go of all that is blocking you, and you will know what to do.

If moving into consciousness is important for you or knowing what your purpose is, book your appointment today to let go of your negative and limiting beliefs, as well as the negative emotions.  In this way, you will also experience a quieter mind in order to hear your intuition once again.