Clients who have not yet found their Purpose in Life are usually the ones who believe they are lazy.  They will procrastinate and due to this, become demotivated as their willpower is drained.  The reason they find themselves to be lazy or procrastinators is because they do not enjoy what they are doing in their jobs or their studies.

When your self-talk is related to laziness and procrastinating, you associate bad feelings with your self-talk and it takes on a new level of thinking, which is to beat yourself up.  The more you beat yourself up, the more your confidence and self-esteem deteriorate.

Compounded by this, you feel you are not good enough, and possibly even feel you are not smart enough.  You also have feelings of doubt, hurt, fear and other tumbling emotions, resulting in turmoil in your mental state of well-being and how you feel about yourself.  All of which sends you into a downward spiral which is ultimately what no one wants for themselves.

You fear to make mistakes at work and because of this, you make more mistakes.  You doubt your abilities and skills and lose sight of your strengths.   These feelings snowball, creating further doubt and even fears within you that you may lose your job.  Your boss may even implement performance management.  The feelings and experiences from this cause you stress, worry, anxiety and possibly even depression.

When you have a purpose, you have more reason to live, more reason to get up in the morning.  Your heart is open to what you love to do, and therefore you feel enthusiastic about your day.  You are then more grateful for what you have and you feel more love within you.  A state of love automatically brings you more happiness and peace within.

How can you ever be good at what you do if you don’t enjoy what you do?  Would a rugby player or tennis player be good at what he does if he doesn’t enjoy what he does?  Would a radio DJ, Actor or Singer be good at what they do if they do not enjoy it?  Then why do we expect to be good at what we do if we do not enjoy it?

You deserve better than to go through emotional turmoil.  You deserve to be happy.  Find out how you can overcome fears, doubts, self-sabotage and beating yourself up with your own self-talk.  Gain more confidence, lift your energy, gain more emotional intelligence and find your purpose of life.  Live a more happy and meaningful life.

With the full transformation coaching package program, this is possible for you to attain.  You have what it takes within you, to do the best you can.  To be the best person you can be.  If you are serious about knowing your purpose of life and transforming your life, book a free session with me now at