Those who are experiencing health issues with little knowledge of how it started, and how it can be healed haven’t been exposed to family constellations (also known as Family Of Origin) as yet.

People may suffer from symptoms of nerve damage, and one major effect of this is the collapse of muscles.  Their struggle can become worse over time.  They fear the unknown and that they may never walk again. They fear how they will cope as they age.

Losing your muscle strength will ultimately result in losing inner strength too.  The pain it causes on the body is understandably too much to bear, and their legs can physically collapse.

All this can break down the sufferer’s self-esteem.  Their confidence breaks down, as their belief is strengthened that their body is failing them.

It came to light in one family constellation, that a client still felt “under strict control of the hand” by an elder person.  The elder person was understandably taking control in a very difficult situation, which affected the client as a child. This client subconsciously (unknowingly) chose to also become controlling.  As the client became older, her control strengthened in an unhealthy manner.  This became part of the suffering due to nerve damage.

Taking too much control in the sufferer’s life, causes them to lose their resilience.  They have to have to see that there is no longer a need for so much control, and mentally make the decision to stop taking so much control ever again. By letting go of unhealthy control, you see yourself fully and those you deeply love.

Too much control can also mean for these sufferers that they are looking away from their problems, but this can also only last for so long.  At some point, we have to look at them.  Where it is avoided, then unhealthy habits, strategies, cravings, and negative belief systems develop.

Through a phenomenal family constellation, these sufferers of over control can build up their resilience.  This way they are more able to care for themselves and their loved ones.

Taking a leap of faith for those suffering will give renewed hope.  They have the opportunity to review a past that has caused internal trauma, and they have nothing to lose by facing their past.  They only gain from it.   A family constellation (family origin) has shown us in a few instances, that a boosted healing is possible.  Inner strength and resilience are restored.  To experience this, book one free session with me now by clicking here.

Thank you to Fototla for the image.