After delving deep into the reasons behind depression and anxiety, by probing the subconscious mind and using the NLP processes, there are many underlying causes which contribute to these limiting mood disorders, such as (but not limited to):

  • abandonment;
  • feeling unloved;
  • excluded;
  • being unwanted and tossed aside;
  • feeling of not mattering;
  • having no purpose;
  • feeling unsafe;
  • resentment;
  • hatred;
  • a feeling of not belonging;

Hurt, sadness, depression, and anxiety have evolved over time and the final consequence is depression.  In most cases, depression and anxiety go hand-in-hand.  Memories can be suppressed so deep that you don’t even realise you are still holding onto feelings (as listed above) from a very young age.  These suppressed feelings also affect your health as proven in the following case study.

The Adverse Childhood Experiences study conducted on seventeen and a half thousand adults focused on the history of exposure to adverse childhood experiences or what is known as ACE’S Adverse Childhood Experiences.

Included were:

  • physical, emotional, or sexual abuse;
  • physical or emotional neglect;
  • parental mental illness;
  • substance dependency;
  • domestic violence;
  • childhood separation;

ACE scores were correlated against health outcomes and found that:

  • ACES are incredibly common;
  • 67% of the population had at least one ACE ;
  • 6% had four or more ACES;
  • There was a close response relationship between ACE and health outcomes;
  • The higher your ACE score the worse your health outcomes;

Revealed in the study was that lifetime risks for depression were 4.5 times more common while suicide was 12 times more common.

Reference for the above case study was:

Unprocessed negative emotions such as sadness, hurt, doubt, fears, hatred, and many more emotions not mentioned here are all contributors.  Your state has become a way of life until it becomes so bad that it takes charge of your life, draining your energy, causing you to sleep as much as possible.  Crying is second nature, especially when someone asks you how you are.  You believe that nobody understands how you feel, only adding to your depression and anxiety and as mentioned in the study above, creates health issues.

Adverse childhood experiences contributions to your current state of mind

Consider the above results found in studies and look at where your adverse childhood experiences have contributed to your current state of mind.  As I’ve mentioned earlier the answers are not always revealed by thinking of them consciously but can be accessed through the subconscious mind.

In the Transformation Coaching processes, we have the tools to explore deeper.  To find what the underlying elements and causes are.  When this is done in the coaching, the surprise for each client is phenomenal to witness. It is fascinating to see when the realization of how they have been holding on to these feelings for so many years was unnecessary and mentally and emotionally draining.  From a conscious point of view, they know that they are loved, included and belong in the family and that they matter.  However, subconsciously the feelings are lying deep below the surface.

Through the proven successful techniques such as NLP, a lifetime’s worth of unprocessed negative emotions of anxiety, depression and other limiting beliefs and emotions can be eliminated in a very short period. It will assist you to gain control of your emotional state.  The transformation is more of a pro-active manner, rather than your emotional state controlling you in a reactive manner.  Following the processes, the client’s comments are always that they feel lighter, happier and more at peace.  If you would like to have this unique experience with remarkable outcomes, contact me now to book your one free session.  In this session, we can discuss how I can help you with further coaching and your personal transformation.