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Not living according to your true potential has stemmed from an inner, deeper knowing that there is more to life than the current role within a career, void of any passion

The main reasons why so many people feel lost, frustrated, unhappy and unfulfilled in their jobs and seek career guidance:

  • You have been feeling stuck in life with no direction

You know there is more to life, more for you to offer the world but you have no idea what it is.

  • You are bored, frustrated, stressed, and therefore unhappy in your job

Change needs to happen, but you have no clue what is next, and how to make this transition.  All of this is enough to lower your energy and make you feel demotivated, or anxious.  You dread going into work, and spend your week looking forward to Fridays and hating Mondays.

  • You discover your career choice was a mistake

    Millions leave school not knowing what to do as a career. Aptitude tests focus on skills alone, rather than identifying your passion.  You may have the confidence to choose your own paths.  However, you could choose to base your future on the test results, or study towards a degree that will ensure financial comfort.  Your only satisfaction thereafter is that you would have money, but where you should feel fulfilled, there is just a void.  Due to this you could react negatively in other areas of your life through feeling frustrated and bored.

  • ‘You have to work hard to make a lot of money’ is an outdated belief that doesn’t bring any satisfaction

If this is your belief then you will always be working hard to make a lot of money (while being stressed) instead of doing what you love and still making a lot of money, or at least feeling fulfilled!

  • You fear failure or you fear success

You continually question yourself…’What will people say if I succeed?  What will people say if I fail?’  And possibly you feel that you don’t deserve to succeed, or you feel afraid of taking risks, afraid of changes that might come as you move forward in life.   And even if you could do what makes you happy, other fears, doubts, and emotions creep in and block you from moving forward.  These emotions have been fuelled by your limiting beliefs.

As a Transformation Life Coach in Johannesburg, I have successful career counseling tools to provide you with career guidance that assists you to discover the right career path for you.  To inspire you to work towards your meaning/reason/why you will be dedicated to a greater purpose of life.  When you do this, you unlock your true potential and follow a career path of meaning and purpose.  This in itself is motivating, liberating, and allows you to live a better life.

When you do what you love and love what you do, you soar from one height to another. Life becomes less complicated.  A job no longer feels like a duty or task, it’s an absolute joy….  Debbie Edwards

The benefits of Career Counselling leading you to the right career for your ultimate success, happiness and peace of mind.

This career counselling is only for those who intend to:

  • be on a career path aligned with what will fill their every being, from day to day
  • receive career guidance that will unlock their true potential
  • have a meaningful and purpose-driven life designed for success
  • experience and have inner freedom
  • have mental well-being and peace of mind
  • happiness, inspiration, and meaning to get out of bed in the morning
  • enjoy a great work/life balance
  • be energised daily and have personal fulfillment
  • experience a career where your job is exciting, and will never again feel like a draining, unrewarding job
  • receive career counselling that steers you to a job you love to do, then align your skills set, have a meaning that inspires you to something bigger, brings success, and you know you have a purpose of life

The solution is right here at your fingertips! Make a smart move in your career or your business – let Debbie Edwards, Founder, And Owner of Inspirational Futures and a renowned Transformational Coach, show you the way.

All it takes is completing the ‘Unlock Your Potential™’ questionnaire (find the link below in point 5 of the instructions on this page)! You’ll stop standing at those awful crossroads in your life, desperately wanting to be pointed in the right direction. As soon as you rise above your fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs you can follow your purpose.  It’s about taking that leap of faith.

The ‘Unlock Your Potential™’ questionnaire is a compass, guiding you to the right career path, resulting in you knowing the purpose of life for yourself.  Once you know what your true career path is, you will discover what obstacles are currently in your way.  Following this phenomenal career guidance, we will discover your what is holding you back from those important steps. The final step is to inspire you in the direction of goals in order for you to be successful and happy in a career you love.  Everyone deserves to be on a career path that is inspiring, liberating and fulfilling.

Testimonials And Outcomes From The ‘Unlock Your Potential™’ Questionnaire:

  • To say I was a skeptic, would be an understatement, but after all the work put in and being rewarded with the outcomes, was a truly magical experience. Discovering my purpose in skincare was not only an insane and emotional process, but a very liberating one at that. I somehow always knew what my purpose was, I just needed to put fear aside, stop “fighting the feeling” and just hone in on it and Debbie helped me realise it….(Theruna, now taking actionable exciting steps in her spare time, towards her purpose in skincare);
  • It made my vision a lot clearer because I was having doubts.  It’s putting me in the right direction.  After hearing the results, I immediately felt inspired and wanted to do more research.  The results made me feel very happy and motivated… (Sasha School Student who will pursue her purpose once she has completed schooling)
  • It was confirmation to what I always felt deep inside, that I am meant to be helping others in their transformation. I do have a way forward with this new chapter in my life and now that I know what it is I want to do, I am very open to the opportunities that are presenting themselves to me now….(Penny Graphic Designer and now working towards her purpose to help people to heal and transform their lives)
  • It helped me realise that I want to make clothing for all types of woman so that they can showcase their natural beauty and have a greater sense of self-love and acceptance…(Samantha, now following her purpose in her spare time to have her own brand in fashion design);
  • This process was specific to Gary’s purpose of life:  Thank you very much for the session we did. On arriving I was tense and quite disorientated in my thoughts. There was a void or hole that I could feel, but could not quite get a handle on it. This void in my mind’s eye was a misty fog that is just there but just out of reach.  While doing the process with Debbie various emotions and feelings came up and the perspective and reasoning I had before started to change during the session.  After a few days, the feeling of the void lifted and the hole filled up. There has been a significant relief and release from the process Debbie facilitated and there definitely still feels like integration taking place to date.  Thank You, Debbie, for your help and professionalism at all times…(Gary, now pursuing his purpose to help people through various hypnosis techniques);
  • I really enjoyed doing the questionnaire and it really made me think and clarify what I want to achieve this year, thank you so much – (Tamaryn – Confirmed her purpose as Marketing Specialist);

Discover Here, How To Find Your Purpose In Life, Have An Inspiring And Meaningful Career That Fills Your Every Being, And Completes You!

All you have to do is follow these simple but important instructions:

  1. The Questionnaire is best suited to anyone from the age of 17 and older.
  2. Set aside approximately 20 minutes to focus only on the questionnaire, where you will have no distractions whatsoever.  There is no option to save the questionnaire and is therefore important to continue with it to the end.
  3. Complete the questionnaire as best as you can.  Remember, the more you put in, the more you get out.
  4. At the end of the questionnaire, you will be asked to provide two dates and times to have a FREE 45-minute discussion with Debbie.  After submission, you will be contacted within 72 hours, to confirm a date and time to discuss the findings, either online or face-to-face at your preference;
  5. Click on this link ‘Unlock Your True Potential here’ to go on a journey of self-discovery;
  6. Call me at 061-563-0916 or contact me with this link should you have any queries regarding the questionnaire.

Career Counselling That Will Unlock Your True Potential So You Can Be In The Right Career And Have Meaning So You Know Your Purpose Of Life!

What is the purpose of life?

There are various purposes of life such as loving yourself and others.  Another very important one is related to being in the right career.  This means a career that feels right with your every being.  It is what makes you feel good, happy, and inspired within.  It is a job that doesn’t ever feel like a job, it feels like your most favorite hobby.

You can’t wait to get up in the morning to do your job.  While you are doing this meaningful job, you are engaged, dedicated, and driven to do more and to do better.  You wouldn’t ever give up doing this, because it means everything to you to make sure it happens.

According to revisesociology you spend an average of 39.2 hours a week at work.  Why not then, do something you love to do and know that the fulfillment you receive from doing this, means more to you than your daily worries and concerns.

What is the meaning of life?

If you are asking this question you are more than likely, disconnected from your reason/meaning/why in your career and even possibly in life. Being in the right career is an amazing reward in life. However, if you are still not connected with your meaning/reason/why you may still feel that something is missing, or you may feel uninspired.

Your reason is, why you get out of bed every day and do something for a bigger purpose and reason. Your focus and drive is on serving in one or more of the following areas: humanity, animals, and the environment.


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