Having goals can be inspiring but also demotivating when they fail and as a Life Coach in Johannesburg, I can assist and guide you to achieve more.  To achieve what you would love to have for yourself.

We are already well into the year now, and I am wondering if you have achieved any of your goals from New Year’s? Or even if you are on track with any of your New Year’s goals.  I will bet that is a hard and fast ‘No’.

Comfort Zones

It’s easier to give up and go back to your comfort zone.  You don’t try and you’ll say ‘I will do it tomorrow’.  Yet the same pattern is repeated tomorrow again.   You stay in your comfort zone as you feel this is where it is familiar and where it is safe.  A year goes by and you try again.  Unfortunately, the same pattern continues.

Purpose Of Life

What does help a lot of my clients is for them to know their purpose in life.   Knowing your purpose will give you direction to something bigger than you.  This means it’s more than just about just you, and what you want.  It’s become about what you want and how you can help others to achieve that.  Because when you help others to get where they want to be, you will get to where you want to be.

Phenomenal Technique Used To Provide Results

In most cases people are still uncertain about what they want and if it is the right choice for them.  And this is where I can help as a Life Coach (in Johannesburg).  Using one of the most powerful and phenomenal techniques available is called Systemic and Family Constellations.  A popular series is being aired on Netflix at the moment is called ‘Another Self’. While it is in Turkish you can watch the dubbed version.  It is a mind-blowing series to watch and hope you see the deeper meaning in all that is said.

Goals are often not achieved, as our why isn’t big enough.  With this phenomenal technique, I can help you to discover your why, and your purpose.  You will then be on a path that you are passionate and excited about.  You will feel inspired and driven towards something that interests you.  This way you will live a more peaceful life, joyful and inspiring life.  If this is what you would love for yourself, book one free session with me to find out how I as a Life Coach in Johannesburg can help you to live an inspired and meaningful life.