A new decade and a new year should be exciting, yet you are feeling depressed and anxious as you worry about your future and your money situation.  You hear how bad the economy is, and that jobs are hard to find.  This makes you worry. How long it will take to find a job?  Will the money you have last?

Family and friends add fuel to the fire by reiterating how bad the economy is and how few jobs there are.  Listening to the news and reading newspapers puts more fear and doubts in you.  Culminating in worry about your future, and suddenly you are feeling anxious and desperate.

You can respond to this kind of change by reacting or by being proactive, the choice is yours.  Reacting is allowing the negative feelings and the negative self-talk to get the better of you and run you.  You allow worry, stress, anger, frustration, resentment and other emotions to control your daily life.  The result is you take your stress out on family and friends.  You also see it in your bad sleep patterns and feel fatigued during the day affecting your concentration.  You are constantly focused on the negative and you have no peace of mind.

Negative emotions control the way you manage your life.  If you hated the job you had, or it made you feel sick going to work every day, there were reasons for that.  What were those reasons? What were your thoughts on the job?  Maybe it was the company’s vision or mission you didn’t agree with?  Or was it the environment, or your colleagues that made you feel that way?

Sometimes we first have to know what we don’t want, in order to know what we do want.  Decide today, what you would like to have in a job or experience or learn in a job.   Too many people take the first job that comes along. I understand why. However, all too often you take a job that compromises your values.

Being proactive is taking control of your emotions. This doesn’t mean suppressing the emotions, but rather dealing with them and letting them go forever. You will increase your Emotional Intelligence and when you do this you can move mountains.

You can be proactive by taking action to:

  • manage your money effectively and decide what you would intend to spend it on like your bond, savings for a holiday for your family rather than that it will get you through the next few months
  • stop listening to negative comments on radio, TV or by friends and family
  • stop focusing on what you don’t have and start focusing on what you would like to have
  • create momentum towards what you would like to have
  • be kind to yourself
  • raise your emotional intelligence
  • write down all your strengths in all areas of your life and keep writing until you believe in yourself again
  • be truthful about what it is you would like to have and value that. Then stay true to your values
  • stop focusing on yourself and focus on how you can serve people. Serving people makes you feel fulfilled

In transformation coaching, I can teach you how to let go of emotions of depression, anxiety, anger, frustration, resentment, and other negative emotions.  By doing this, you are more aware of your choices and therefore make better decisions.  You will sleep better and therefore no longer suffer from fatigue.  When this happens you can concentrate better on interviews.  You will no longer compromise your values and what is important to you.  You will love and believe in yourself and you become unstoppable regardless of what you are going through.