The past decade has been an amazing journey where I let go of anger, depression anxiety and raised my self-esteem.  Through all this, I achieved my dream which was always to be an entrepreneur.

Following the decision to change my life has brought me to where I am today.  My life felt like a roller-coaster ride with too many extreme ups and downs.  I understand now that there had to be balance in my life.  I had to stop from being overly positive and ignoring the ‘bad’ in life.

Having so many changes in my life has meant, that I had to work on myself.  The rewards, however, have been worth the time spent.  At the beginning of this journey, I was afraid of change, as we all are.  Fear set in that I would become someone I was not, but instead, I became the person I was truly meant to be, the authentic me.  As Einstein says ‘doing the same thing and expecting a different result is insanity’.

It’s hard for me to believe when I look back now, the person I was and how I thought I had control of my life back then.  Yet now, I have more control than ever before.  This was a result of allowing myself to evolve and become the authentic me.

In the last decade, I got divorced and remarried.  Moved to the United Kingdom for two and a half years and came back again to live in my home country, South Africa.  In two and a half years my newlywed husband and I moved six times.  I found a life-changing course and use the same techniques as I practise as a Life Coach in Johannesburg and transform peoples lives.  It was a huge accomplishment for me to follow my dream and become a successful entrepreneur.

The noise of my own self-talk in my head has stopped and I have found peace and inner-freedom.  Reaching a certain level of consciousness by focusing my beliefs and emotions helped me to master meditations and heal my own body in certain ways.  As I continue to meditate, I know I will in time, heal my body and mind even more.

To discover the authentic you, have peace of mind and freedom within as I have, book your free session today.  In this session, I will understand what it is you would like coaching for and then explain to you how the coaching can transform your life.  From there we can book further sessions to transform your life.  Anxiety and Depression, Anger, Self-Esteem or any area of your life you would like to master, is possible with lasting effects.

As I think to myself, what a wonderful world…..Louis Armstrong