This is how people’s perceptions can be so different and how it can affect your life or those around you. One day standing in a pharmacy with my 8 year old step daughter, I see a man looking at items on the shelves but also looking around as if to see who is watching him. He had dark glasses on (in a shop of all places to wear dark glasses) and a cap on to hide himself as much as he could. To me he looked like he was going to steal something and waiting for the right opportunity – only my perception of course.  The lady in front of me had her own perceptions of this man.  She was with her daughter who looked to be about 5 years old had also noticed him and had been watching him.  She eventually lashed out at the cashier informing him that this man is looking at her daughter and what are they going to do about it. She was clearly very upset and started shouting at the man and the cashier calling the man a pedophile and asking why is he staring at her daughter.  To me the man looked stunned and shocked at the accusations. I think they eventually asked him to leave the store. 

My point is not if the ‘accused man’ was in the right or wrong but to show you an example of how two peoples perceptions can be so different- mine being that he is possibly a thief, while hers being that he is possibly a pedophile.  At the same time he could have been completely innocent.

unthinkingblindMisperceptions happen in relationships; families don’t talk for years; colleagues argue at work as they have their own perceptions and refuse to see other persons viewpoint; fights happen during socialising; we compare our lives to other people’s lives and wish we could live a rich life like them, a better life, but we don’t know what is happening behind closed doors.  I bet if you found out what their life was really like, you would not want their life.

Are you now thinking about when you had possibly perceived something incorrectly?  Think carefully about how you can change your perceptions whenever something has hurt you, something that makes you angry, feel depressed about or even how you see yourself and instantly raise your confidence.

If you want to change your world from the inside out, change your perceptions.  See the good in yourself and in people, find the good in situations – there always is good in everything.  Also, ask yourself ‘is this belief I have real, can it be true, who said it was true’, what makes it real?’ – maybe it’s only you making it real for yourself?

Take emotion and ego out of the situation and review it again and again if necessary. I know it’s often easier said then done. But if we try and be more aware of our perceptions and try to apply the questions more and more, we eventually make a habit of it – keep at it until you master it.  Your life will change only for the better.

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