Either anger, low self-esteem, anxiety or depression can be brought on by stress.  You tend to live the majority of your life by stress.  However, when you move into consciousness, or another way of putting it is, to function from the conscious mind.  You realise that stress isn’t necessary.

Resisting Taking Responsibility Can Cause Your Stress

While working with clients, I realise how much resistance they have to let go of habits and beliefs that cause stress in their life.  For example, they resist taking responsibility for their life, their actions, their attitude towards their jobs.  They don’t necessarily see it or admit to it until they do the exercises in the Transformation Coaching.

They won’t face reality for the fear of having to take responsibility.  Taking responsibility would mean that they have to stop blaming what is happening in their external world.  With that, they then have the realisation that they actually have to do something about their own life.  Because of this, they are actually creating more stress in their life by resisting responsibility.

Misalignment Of Your Values

Another cause of stress is the misalignment of your conscious values and your subconscious values.  For example, you may want financial stability for yourself, but you spend no time at all mastering how to have financial stability.  Spending more of your time socialising or at the gym, or even too much time immersed in your career and studies causes stress.  Your actions don’t represent your highest intentions.

Finances are not as important to you as you think. Consistently following the same habits from day to day on autopilot is therefore not enough time spent in learning new ways to manage your finances.  Therefore your choices are made by you alone, yet you continue to stress about your financial stability for yourself and your family.

How Stress Affects You

The body wants to return itself to back to order, this is where resistance occurs as we insist on taking control of life, of people, of our situations.  Physical stress, emotional stress can then smack you out of balance and before you know it, your life is in turmoil.  All it takes is the same continuous thoughts and this alone this can create stress.  However, when emotion is attached to the thought, this is adding fuel to the fire.

How Transformation Coaching Can Help You

The Transformation Coaching program surfaces what you are unknowingly resisting or denying.  As well as, what you may be attempting to control.  Even what you may be expecting.  All this is only going to add to your stress bring on anger, low self-esteem anxiety and/or depression.  If you are serious about transforming your life for the better and would like to find out more, book a free session now.