The answer is, yes it is possible to live a life you’ll love without fears, worry, stress anxiety and depression. All these causing you to react based on your emotional state. The million-dollar question is then, why don’t we?

Society leads you to believe that you must fear the one you pray to.  Adding to this, fear is instilled in us daily when we listen to the news, watch negative videos on social media, read the newspapers and listen to people’s perceptions and predictions of the world.  All the while,  instilling more and more fear in you daily.

Above all this, you think you have to live a life that consists of stress, worry, anxiety and depression. You fear what people might say about you and fear they will judge you.  You fear for your future by comparing yourself to others.  The fear builds up inside of you until you reach the breaking point.  You leave it until the last minute, hoping your external world will get better, but it doesn’t.

While doing the coaching techniques on myself I came to realise that I was the one who believed that:

  • Stress is a part of life
  • This is what life is about
  • You cannot live without stress and worry

I also came to realise that it was my internal thoughts, beliefs, emotions and habits that was the cause of my reality.

These beliefs, amongst others, had driven me into having anxiety and depression.  I would worry about money, yet I always had what I needed in order to survive.  Through a couple of recessions, I would worry about the security of my job, yet here I am running my own business successfully, doing what I love.  For many years the state of South Africa has been a concern, and now I love it here and I see opportunities all over.  I had the opportunity to live in the UK, but my husband and I chose to return and we haven’t looked back.

Instead of enjoying life and soaking up every moment, whether it be a challenge or a memorable moment, you live in darkness and fear of what ‘could be’. Or believing what ‘should be’.  Fearing the future, dwelling on the past and not living in the moment.

By not blaming external factors, which means I took responsibility for what I chose to believe and feel, I was then able to let it go, using the coaching techniques.  Therefore, the inner world must transform, not the external world.

I tell you now that you don’t have to live a life of fear, worry, stress, depression and anxiety along with other emotions.  You have a choice and you can live without all that drains your daily energy. Right now you can change your beliefs, change how you feel, change your energy.  However, remember to stay neutral rather than try to be constantly positive.

The coaching techniques can hugely assist you in this process to transform your life for the better.  To live life without fears, worry, stress, anxiety and depression.  Your energy will improve and so will your emotional intelligence.  You can either contact me for a free session to discuss further coaching.  Or, join Dana Prophet on the 4th of September 2019 as she shares her experiences.  This life-changing talk will guide you to identify 8 simple steps to create the life you’ll love.  Upon following these 8 simple steps, you create an awareness in your own life.  Awareness is part of our growth as humans.  And through awareness, you also create the reality you want and deserve.

The choice is always yours