Your choices determine your path in life but when your emotional intelligence (EQ) is low, you lose your power to make decisions which then leads to anxiety and possibly eventual depression.  Emotions can ‘paralyse’ you in such a way that you don’t get out of bed or leave home, regardless of the fact that you have a job or financial responsibilities.

The more emotional you become in any situation the more you compound and suppress emotions with further irritation, frustration, anger, fear, doubts, worry and stress.  It becomes harder with time to make any decision that impacts your life.  With emotions controlling your life, you can’t see a way out.  You become extremely anxious and possibly even depressed.

You look for answers from your friends or family because you can’t make a decision yourself.  In this situation, you are looking up to people making them ‘bigger’ while minimising yourself, because you believe they know better.  While they have the best intentions for you, their advice is not always helpful.  However, when you do take their advice and something goes wrong it becomes easier to blame them.  In this instance, you never learn to take responsibility.

I was once probably the world’s worst emotional person.  My mother always said that I was to be treated with TLC (tender loving care).  My children told me when they were older, that I was too emotional.  I could not make a decision for myself because I had so many emotions controlling my decisions.  I would always speak to family or friends when I could not make a decision.  Relying on them for advice and answers.  When you do this you only devalue yourself.  Only you should know what is best for you, not other people.  You have to get to the point where you can make decisions yourself.  You only grow as a person when you make decisions and take responsibility and learnings from them.

Being unable to make my own decisions I seemed to have created more unnecessary ‘what if’ questions.  Thus removing my ability to make a choice and make a final decision.  It was difficult for me to take responsibility for my decisions which caused me to analyse every aspect.  This created more thoughts and a very busy mind that trapped me in my own head with spinning thoughts that never ended and keeping me up at night.

After following the Transformation Coaching program, I can now manage my emotions and what once would make me emotional, depressed or anxious no longer affects me.  Letting go of emotions raises your emotional intelligence and makes you feel better within.  By letting go of emotions you have a balanced perception and see things with fresh eyes.  By looking at things with fresh eyes and reduced emotion, you have more wisdom to make informed decisions for your highest good.

Do you choose to allow this to happen to you, or do you choose to empower your life so you may flow through it with ease?  If you choose to flow through life with ease and let go of emotions you can benefit by:

  • having the wisdom to make your own decisions that are best for you;
  • becoming emotionally intelligent;
  • improved relationships
  • having more peace of mind
  • sleeping better at night
  • valuing and loving yourself
  • quietening your mind

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