Do you find yourself feeling disappointed by your actions and that you have failed yourself steering you to low self-esteem.  You believe you are not good enough, not worthy, and a failure.

Your intentions are to be perfect in all that you do, yet consciously you know perfection is impossible to achieve.  You know that you are doing too much and exhausting yourself in order to exceed the expectations you have of yourself, or the expectations others have of you.  Nevertheless, you still continue to strive to attempt perfection.

From a young age, you have placed these high expectations on yourself to do better, to achieve more.  You are never satisfied with what you often attempting to do better, no matter how long it takes.

No matter how exhausting it may be for you, you feel the need to make everyone else happy.   The thought of failing and disappointing others is unimaginable. For them to see your worth and how good you really are, is important to you.  Yet inside of you, there is a struggle going of endless doubts and fears, breaking down your self-esteem that much more.

What you may not be seeing in your attempts to be perfect, is that you could be lacking respect for other people’s feelings.  Through the beliefs of perfectionism, you may give the impression that you are always right, coming across as too pushy or arrogant.  Others won’t stand much chance of having an opinion.  When you don’t achieve perfection, you run yourself down.  You are hard on yourself, and eventually, your self-esteem is at an all-time low.

Benefits of Transformation Coaching

Through Transformation Coaching you will experience long-term changes.   You will no longer be afraid to make decisions or fear failure.  Nor will you strive tirelessly for perfection to please yourself and others. The fear of disappointing will be a distant memory and a dissolved emotion of your past.

Low self-esteem will be transformed into feeling and knowing you are good enough and worthy.  Hold your head up high and rise above your doubts and fears.  The realisation that you are worthy and good enough transforms your self-image in such ways that you will find happiness, peace of mind, and confidence in yourself once again.  Contact me today for one free session.

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