Before starting my business and becoming a Life Coach in Johannesburg, I was unsure what my true purpose of life was.  The frustration went on for years, as I went from one job to another.  It went on for years, as I job-hopped. I attempted several different businesses but never gave up on my search.

My ambition drove me, and that helped me in the corporate world while it also drove me to try different careers. For many years, I struggled to find my true passion as fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs held me back.  It was only in 2015 that I decided to do what I always wanted to do, and that was to help people through Life Coaching.

For a full 20 years, I knew and suppressed my life purpose. I never followed that and realised later that it was due to my own unhealthy mindset.  My life changed when my mindset changed.  I became more self-empowered and more than I ever expected.

If you are uncertain about what it is, this is because you have emotions and limiting beliefs holding you back. They are all part of your mindset.

The most common fears holding you back from your purpose according to Tony Robbins, are:

  1. Fear you are not smart enough – minimise yourself because you think someone has more intelligence than you / creativity/brain power/imagination
  2. Fear of failure – tell yourself “I don’t know what I want to do only due to fear of failure. If a child falls and refuses to get up and walk again, it’s going against its natural nature.
  3. Fear of losing or making money – failure / looking stupid to others / how will people see me if I fail?
  4. Fear of losing loved ones – wife will leave me if I don’t offer security
  5. Fear of rejection – All subordination fears
  6. Feeling not beautiful enough, or vital enough, body image, health, strong enough
  7. Breaking the morals and ethics of some spiritual authority

The fire in my belly came when I let go of my fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs.  This is when you are more open to discovering your purpose of life. You can then move forward with knowing your passion, what excites you, and where you feel enthusiastic.  It’s all this and excitement that gets you out of bed in the morning to do what you love to do.  I have the opportunity to experience this daily as a Life Coach in Johannesburg and I would love to help you experience the same.