You see people with good self-esteem as successful, confident people., living a fulfilled life.  You compare your life to their life which then creates a lack of confidence, anxiety and possibly even depression.  The only difference between you and them is that they believe in themselves.

The perceived idea of who you are has been weaved into your mind.  You have taken what people have said as your beliefs and attached emotion to them.  And then you created a story which you tell yourself repeatedly.  You judge yourself and compare yourself to others constantly beating yourself up.

The programmed mind

Subconsciously you have allowed your mind to be filled and programmed with beliefs about you.  You then attach fears, doubts, anxiety, hurt, anger and many more emotions to the beliefs.  Undoubtedly they only help you to put obstacles in your way.  This becomes the story of who you believe you are and you tell yourself this story every day.  But now I have made you aware of what you are doing, I ask you now, is this who you really are?

Stop worrying about what people say

One of the many reasons you don’t live the life you deserve to live is because you are too concerned about what people say.  According to Bronnie Ware the author of “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying” she wrote about the top five regrets people have.  One of them is ‘when I look back on my life now, I wish I had the courage to live a life more true to myself and not worry about what people say’.  Believe in yourself and stop worrying about what other people say.

You know there is more to life

Lack of belief in yourself creates a feeling that something is missing in your life, a void.  You know there is more to life than this and feel you were meant for more. This results in creating one or more questions you repeatedly ask yourself daily.  Questions such as ‘what is my purpose’ or ‘why am I here’ or any other similar questions that you repeat daily.  These repeated questions, however, always go unanswered.

Self-esteem returns

I have had the privilege of watching clients progress in their lives.  They transform their perceptions of who they are during the coaching processes.  They start believing in themselves more and more during the program.   Their genuine smile and inner excitement come to the forefront as their self-esteem rises once again.  The true joy within them is priceless to see as they begin to believe in themselves.  This is when they realise once again who they are and what they are able to accomplish.  As well as what they are so very capable of doing, that will come naturally.

Transformation Coaching

Do you have enough self-belief to move forward in your life? You may believe in yourself in certain areas of your life, but in other areas, the belief of who you are has vanished.  Remember when you believe in yourself, you will move through your life effortlessly.  Which in turn means much less stress and emotions which opens your heart and mind to who you really are.  This is where your possibilities are open and you see so many opportunities available to you.  If you would love to believe in yourself again, book your free session now.  Also, see the Hang out with Experts page for Dana Prophet’s talk on 8 Simple Steps to Create the Life You’ll Love on the 4th of September 2019