To overcome depression you must begin to love yourself.  However, many find it difficult to love themselves and I am often asked the following questions about self-love:

Can I love myself too much

Yes, you can love yourself too much and this is when you become arrogant and selfish.   You take advantage of people, you use people to get what you want.  The result of this is, that it will come back to you and at some point, your lesson will be to become humble and treat those around you with as much love as you have for yourself.

Loving myself sounds strange

For me, I was in a generation where we believed that loving yourself is vain.  If anyone said they loved themselves they would be laughed at.  So out of fear we didn’t say it at all.

You were also possibly raised to believe that your happiness comes from the external world, and you believe this is how it is supposed to be.  But your happiness comes from within not without.  Happiness from the external world is temporary while happiness through love for yourself is permanent.   Acceptance of who you are and what you are right now should be unconditional love toward yourself.

Remember, it is far more difficult to deny who you are than to accept it.  What happens is that you continuously keep working against yourself using your energy through negative energy rather than positive energy towards yourself.

The effect of saying no to people

If you cannot say no to people, your life will be spent pleasing other people rather than yourself.  Here again, pleasing other people rather than yourself is the wrong kind of energy as you are denying your true self.  Positive energy comes from loving yourself enough to know what you love or do not love.

If anyone chooses to not talk to you because you said no to them, let it go as they may get over it the next day.  Afford them that time.  But if they do not talk to you after that, they are not a true friend.  Their intentions were about themselves and not about the best interest of you both.

You have free will – the power to do as you choose.  But always remember your choices have consequences.  Therefore, be consciously aware of the consequences before you make choices.

Value yourself enough to know what you would like for yourself and not for others.

If you can’t handle having people say no to you then you have to recognise that this a warning sign and it’s best to get help through Transformational Coaching.

There are more blogs to come about self-love and the questions you ask yourself that contribute to depression so continue watching this blog page for more.

Before depression takes you into a negative spiral, start by making the effort to love yourself once again.  Self-love can lift your energy, but you have to keep working at it every day.  Transformational Coaching, however, can boost the way you feel about yourself, lifting your energy, aligning your true inner values and loving yourself so you know what is best for yourself.  Book now for your free consultation.

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